What is Google for Education?
Google offers schools a hosted solution for their email, calendar, chat, and document creation through Google for Education. This solution has been chosen by the School District of Palm Beach County as our primary 
integrated communication and collaboration tool
The core Google for Education suite is described in detail on Google's Education products page. Additionally, common question about G Suite for Education can be found here.

Why Use G Suite for Education?
  • It is device agnostic, meaning it works on any device anywhere with an Internet connection. 
  • It's Collaborative. 
  • All your files are stored on the web - which means if you have an internet connection, you can get to your files. 
  • All students have their own unique email. If you do not know your student's/child's credentials, please ask your IT Specialist at your site. 
  • All students have access to G Suite for Education tools.

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