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Go Fund Me

Marching Falcon Members. Create your own account and join my team using 

"Your Full Name"


Step 1:Click the link below, then click "Join Team"at the top of the Go Fund Me page. Follow page instructions. If you have a facebook account, join via facebook. If not, use your email address.

Go Fund Me!

Once your personal page is set up... you should click "Share" on yourpage. 

From "Share"...

Step 2:Share on facebook with your facebook friends.

Step 3:Copy your personal linkin "share" and paste it into a text message and send to your cell phone list. You may also post the link on your twitter, snap chat or Instagram.

Step 4:Click the email button in "share" to send emails to the email addresses you collected on your list.

Start with your closest adult friends and relatives, then reach out to acquaintances and distant relatives.



Hi Aunt Margaret.I was hoping you could help me reach my fundraising goal of $128. My Marching Band is going to State Competition this year and we need your help. Click on the link. Any amount will help. Thank You!

p.s. Please "share" this link.


Good Luck Everyone!

Go Falcons!