What's in the box?

The variety in your share will change frequently due to seasonal availability. We source our products from farms within the continental US and as close to or within the state of Florida as much as possible. That means no imported goods whatsoever.

The Basic Box will contain 5-6 varieties of veggies & greens and 2-3 varieties of fruit

The Chef's Box will contain 7-8 varieties of veggies & greens and 3-4 varieties of fruit

Either share is available in both individual and family sizes

What's fresh for the week of 1/5/16

Members scheduled for this week will receive a mixed variety delivered directly to them!

Carrots, w/tops (CA)

Fennel (FL)

Kale, Green (FL)

Kiwi (CA)

Lettuce, Green Leaf (FL)

Mushroom, White (PA)

Onion, Red (CA)

Pear, Anjou (WA)

Potato, Sweet (NC)

Tangelo, Orlando (FL)

Tomato, Grape (FL)

*All items 100% USDA Certified Organic

*Not all shares get all items

*This list may change at any time