Our Bots

Year: 2019 FRC
Competition: Deep Space
Nickname: The Guillotine
Model: Extender and claw
Actions: Take and place hatch panels, and grab and place cargo

Year: 2018 FRC
Competition: Power Up
Nickname: S.T.E.V.E. 2.0
Model: Lifter & Claws
Actions: picked up cubes and placed them on a lever. It could also lift up to 120 pounds!

Year: 2017 FRC
Competition: Steamworks
Nickname: Maybe
Model: Climb and Shooter
Actions: Pick up fuel balls, then shoot them and pick up and place gears.

Year: 2016 FRC
Competition: STRONGHOLD
Nickname: WABBIT
Model: shooter & lifter
Actions: Don't take this bot's fluffy exterior lightly! With it's swift lift, carry and shoot mechanism, Wabbit will leave you saying 'dang nabbit' by the end of the match. 
All you will see is it's fluffy white tail as it hops up to infiltrate your tower.

Year: 2015 FRC
Competition: Recycle Rush
Nickname: S.T.E.V.E
Model: Lift and carry
Actions: With mecanum wheels (a team favorite) this bot can glide just was well as our last FRC model. S.T.E.V.E pulls totes in his grasp with rotating wheels and lifts by pinching the tote with his metal arms,
lifting to stack totes like a boss.

Year: 2014 FRC
Competition: Aerial Assist
Nickname: Miguel (insert Spanish accent and maracas lightly chittering in the background)
Model: Catapult
Actions: Mecanum wheels allow not only forward/backward motions, but also allow gliding across the field with ease and speed.
Lifter scoop the big "yoga ball" into the catapult bed, readying it for launch to another teammate or for a goal.