- The Mentors -

Kevin Schlegel

Kevin joined the team in 2008, and he became lead mentor in 2010. He enjoys the watching the students learn and try new things that they never before thought they could do. According to him he is, "a jack of all robotics trades but a master of none." He also enjoys learning new aspects of FIRST robotics, engineering and watching the growth of his team. In his down time, he enjoys hunting, fishing and camping with his wife and two dogs. One of his unfinished goals is to restore his 1972 Toyota FJ40 truck.

Tim Poulsen

Tim joined the Robotics Team when his son did, and later on his two daughters did the same, and he has been on the team for four years. Tim enjoys being able to share his skills and knowledge with the members of the team, as well as introducing them to the wide range of opportunities that technology brings. He loves seeing the team come together during each year's FRC competition to figure out a common problem, and solve it to the best of their combined abilities. Outside of Robotics, Tim also volunteers in several other places in the High School, including building sets for school plays, helping with the science fair, participating in school board committees, and many more. He also enjoys tinkering with technology, such as electronics and programming, and has made extensive custom Christmas light displays. He enjoys woodworking, a skill that he uses to restore his home that was built in the 1890s. He is also (very slowly) learning how to play the electric guitar, as well as being an amateur astronomer.

Larry Dipzinksi

Larry joined the Robotics team along with his wife, Jackie, and his children, who also joined the team. He's been with Robotics for seven years and hopefully many more. He enjoys the creative process and working with the Robotics team. Outside of Robotics, he likes to read, hike, hunt, and fish.

Jackie Dipzinksi

Jackie joined the Robotics team because her twins were on the team. She stayed on the team past their graduation because she loves working with the Administrative Team. She has stuck with the team for seven years. She loves seeing the growth within team members. She likes that the members take what they learn and apply it to the team, school, college, and career. Outside of Robotics, she hikes, bikes, travels and takes photos. She also enjoys spending time with her family, being with her husband and 4 boys (plus her dog).

Howard G. Barnes

Howard joined Robotics because he wanted to support his son, who had joined recently, and he has stuck with the team for 4 years. He loves being able to help young people solve problems in a non-traditional, educational sort of way. Outside of Robotics, Howard is an advisor to a venture crew assistant, he's a scoutmaster of a scout troop, and he is involved in Church Council and a Boy Scout summer camp.


Jen joined the Robotics team because she wanted to help the team her son was a part of, and has been with the team for 4 years. Jen likes the varied and nice group of people that is the Robotics team. Outside of the Robotics team, Jen helps with various other school organizations and works as a chiropractor. She enjoys reading, taking care of her horses, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Jim Herrman

Jim is in charge of the FLL program in the middle school with his wife. Both of his sons have been on the high school robotics team and Jim continues to assist and teach members.

Courtney Gramlich

Courtney is new to team 1518 and has already had an amazing impact on the team. She was a part of Team 1126 for 14 years before she started teacher at PMMS. She has much knowledge in the admin field and strategy/scouting. Her hobbies include photography, her dogs, and is a full time banquet coordinator. This is her 10th year volunteering at the FLR.

Perry Knapp

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Jeff Kessler

Jeff joined the Robotics team because his son, Zach, had also joined, and he has been with the team for 4 years. He enjoys being apart of an organization that teaches young people how to work together toward a common goal, to think on their feet and to grow their leadership abilities. Outside of the Robotics team, Jeff enjoys skiing, which he has done since he was 10 years old, camping, hiking and boating. For the past 10 years, Jeff has been the leader of the Boy Scouts of America

Nicole Kessler

Nicole joined the Robotics team when her son, Zach, joined in 5th grade so that she could support him. She has stuck with the team for 3 years. Nicole likes to see how the members of the team and the different departments work together, making new connections and friendships that otherwise wouldn't have been made. Outside of Robotics, Nicole helps with Boy and Girl Scouts and band boosters. She enjoys to cook and bake, at least when she has time.

Loni Wadsworth

 Loni joined the robotics team when my son did three years ago. She enjoys watching the students come together to fund, design, and build the robot each year. Outside of robotics Loni enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with her family, watching her boys play soccer, and working with young children.

Torrey Pietarinen

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Christine Jorolemon

Chris joined the team as a volunteer when her son joined as a freshman. This is their second year. She finds the many facets of the team and the opportunities for learning fascinating. Outside of Robotics, she enjoys home improvement projects, sewing, and skiing.