The Team -



Zach is the coding king of Team 1518. He is working towards his Eagle Scout Rank in the Boy Scouts of America, and is planning on going to college for computer science after graduating.


    Ryan is a graphic designer for the team, and he sure is good at it. He plans to go to college for Graphic Design after graduating.


      Jon enjoys the building aspect of Robotics the most. He is an avid fan of video games and can solve a Rubik's Cube in 30 seconds!


        Rebecca is the president of Team 1518, and plans to go to college for emergency medical training after graduating. She likes a variety of artsy activities, including painting and photography. 



          Tristan has the coolest socks on the block. He is in charge of all the film and video production for Team 1518 and in charge of the stuff you're reading right now. He plans to go to college for Cinema after graduating.

            - JUNIORS -


             Alex is interested in Astronomy and Physics, and is the goalkeeper for the varsity soccer team at Pal-Mac.


               Alex is a programmer for Team 1518. His favorite thing to do is skiing and playing video games (not at the same time).


                 Devyn enjoys engineering and technology. He likes to read and plays an "unhealthy" amount of video games.


                  CJ is into manufacturing, and enjoys the building aspect of robotics.


                     Jasmine has been on the team for 2 years and has really enjoyed it. She does track.


                      Will is a music enthusiast, skier, occasional comedian, and baseball player. He is a Jack of all trades.


                        Taylor is an avid fan of sleeping, reading, and video games. She currently has a rubber duck in her pocket and secretly runs an underground bear wrestling ring. Don't tell anyone.


                          Zoe is a self-described "pretty smart person" with a knack for softball. She is on the build team and is just a fun person all around.

                            - SOPHOMORES -


                            Mikayla's socks are the coolest part of her personality and they're not even a personality trait. Also she does coding.


                              Emma is a programmer on the team. He enjoys stuff.


                                Molly is an active Girl Scout and is a book fanatic in their spare time. They like things neat and orderly and they didn't give Tristan nearly enough information to make a bio off of.

                                  - FRESHMEN -


                                  Cody programs for the team, and spends most of his time playing video games. He also enjoys hiking 


                                    Andrew is the 3D printing master of the team. He thoroughly enjoys experimenting with 3D printing and design when he's on break from video games.


                                    Zach is confused. Joining robotics has given him a newfound appreciation for the arts and engineering. He makes many good jokes.