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About the Team

The Raiders are part of the FIRST Robotics, Team 1518. Team 1518 is based at the Pal-Mac High School in Palmyra, New York. The team was founded in the autumn of 2005, with the help of several local businesses and community sponsors. Our generous community volunteers range in diverse fields including, but not limited, to mechanical, electrical, programming, art, and web design.

Team Organization

  • Mechanical/Fabrication: The mechanical/fabrication team is responsible for the design and production of all mechanical components of the robot and the robot itself. All components are first designed in a CAD program, and a prototype will be produced before the final assembly occurs. This team is also responsible for the design, construction, and assessment of the in-game piece manipulator for the robot.
  • Electrical: The electrical team is responsible for the design, production, and assessment of all of the electrical components that will be used in the robot and inside the user control panel, as well as the configuration of any electronically controlled systems. This team is also responsible for any and all pneumatically controlled devices that the robot may use, such as a claw-like holding structure in this year's FIRST Robotics Competition.
  • Programming: The programming team is responsible for the development and maintenance of all the coding that will enable the robot to maneuver throughout the FIRST Robotics Competition. This includes both the autonomous and manual mode control settings. This team is also responsible for learning and understanding all of the written rules and standards of the FIRST Robotics game match. They use the written rules to dictate what can be done to better the robot.
  • Administrative: The administrative team, lovingly nicknamed the arts department, is responsible for the teams website design, construction, and maintenance in order to ready it for the FIRST Webpage award. This team is also responsible for any and all animation and photography that will be done on the team, including photos and videos created from the robots construction, team meetings, special projects, and any footage of this year's FIRST Robotics Competition. The administrative team also designs the pit and pit banner, creates the buttons, and creates the costumes.

About Pal-Mac High School

Pal-Mac High School, residing in the residential suburbs of Palmyra, NY, offers a comprehensive curriculum for students in grades nine through twelve. In addition to the traditional core subjects, students can choose from a wide variety of Advanced Placement courses for college credits as well as electives in art, music, engineering, business, and more. Pal-Mac is also part of the IB Program and Project Lead The Way. Vocational and alternative educational experiences are available to the students as well. A highly skilled and capable staff works to help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all of the students and actively encourages the involvement of parents in their children's educational experiences.