Overview of Summer Reading Program

All students, entering grades 9-12, will be required to complete summer reading assignments. All students enrolled in an English class are required to read one novel. All students enrolled in a social studies class are required to complete a written assignment. Assessment of the required reading texts for all students in English courses will occur during the second week of the school year regardless of the semester in which the student is enrolled in the associated course. For the social studies courses, students will need to complete a written assignment and bring a print copy to school with them during the first week of school and return it to the library. There is also an additional reading requirement for incoming 9th Graders; these students will need to read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey in addition to the assignments for English and social studies.  Please be reminded these assignments must be completed before school starts on August 28, 2017.

Hyperlinks to the social studies assignments can be found here (on each grade level page) and on the high school website. Students are not granted editing access and can edit the documents following these instructions: (1) Open the document (2) Select File (upper left) (3) Select Make a Copy (4) Now the student will be able to fill out the form and save their individual work. Remember to print a copy to bring to school. If you prefer to hand write your responses on a hard copy, be sure to make your work legible and be sure to scan or photocopy a backup of your work for you to keep secure, as needed.

Research has shown students’ reading abilities will decrease with extended time away from reading.  This program has helped maintain and increase students’ literacy skills while providing for classroom discussion around the content of the texts.


  • For students and parents who do not wish to purchase summer reading materials, the high school’s library and other local libraries have a limited quantity of copies for loan. During the summer months, main office staff at the high school are able to sign out a copy of the summer reading titles (while supplies last). The main office also will have hard copies of the social studies summer assignments.
  • This site is designed to help students understand which books they are required to read in English class.  If they have a choice of books to read, this site is also designed to help them make the best decision.
  • On the pages within this site are links to requirements for each grade, AP selections, and a FAQ & special needs information.
  • Link here for the master list; link here for a note-taking document that students can use to record information as they read to help them refresh their memory prior to test time.  The note-taking document is a public Google Doc and is not editable.  Students need to make a copy of the file to edit this document.  It is HIGHLY advised that students take advantage of this document.  Students indicated on surveys that they believed that a loss of knowledge due to the distance of time between completion of the novel and the assessment occurred and impacted their grade.  

Have fun with summer reading!  We hope we have selected books which students find enjoyable!!!!

Karen Hornberger
Library Media Specialist
Summer Reading Committee Chairperson

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