ATP Daily News - October 1, 2014

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 ATP Daily News - October 1, 2014 

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American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine: Ahead of Print

Supportive Care in Cancer: Ahead of Print

Palliative Medicine: Ahead of Print


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Source:    AAHPM and SmartBrief
Author:     N/A
Excerpt:   N/A - Biweekly HPM news report

Source:    Weatherbee Resources
Author:     Barry
Excerpt:   "Heather Wilson provided a discussion of H.R. 4994, the Improving Medicare Post Acute Care Transformation (IMPACT) Act of 2014 in her recent blog post Will the IMPACT Act Really Help the Hospice Industry? Although I agree with her contention that increased surveys and oversight are not a silver bullet or a panacea for the many challenges facing hospices, nevertheless, hospices need to prepare for the increased scrutiny. "

Source:    EAPC Blog
Author:     N/A
Excerpt:   "A forthcoming special edition of Palliative Medicine will focus on integrated palliative care in the context of palliative care and end-of-life-care service delivery."

Source:    NHPCO
Author:     N/A
Excerpt:   "Naomi Judd will be the honored opening plenary speaker at NHPCO’s upcoming Clinical Team Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, October 27 – 29, 2014."

Source:    GeriPal
Author:     Brandon 
Excerpt:   "I’m hearing a lot of questions about whether someone with frailty, debility, or adult failure to thrive can still be admitted to hospice, especially since CMS will no longer beaccepting either debility or adult failure to thrive (AFTT) as a principal diagnosis on hospice claim forms starting on Oct. 1, 2014."

Source:    End of Life Studies
Author:     Clark
Excerpt:   "A striking feature of Cicely Saunders’ early work was its articulation of the relationship between physical and mental suffering. This reached full expression with the concept of ‘total pain’, which was taken to include physical symptoms, mental distress, social problems and emotional difficulties.  The idea was launched on the world exactly 50 years ago, in 1964,  in a landmark publication."

CAPC News Bites
Source:    Palliative in Practice
Author:     N/A
Excerpt:   "The Institute of Medicine released its latest report on September 17, 2014."

Source:    KevinMD
Author:     Salwitz
Excerpt:   "“All your patients will die. Maybe not today, but someday.  The defining fact of life is that it ends.  Only a fool would dedicate their career to fighting something that can never be beaten..."

Source:    BMC Palliative Care
Author:     Nordly, et al
Excerpt:   "Programs that facilitate transition from hospital treatment to SPC at home for patients with incurable cancer can be a powerful tool to improve patients’ quality of life and support family/caregivers during the disease trajectory."

Haematologists’ perceptions of palliative care and specialist palliative care referral: a qualitative study
Source:    BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care
Author:     Wright, et al
Excerpt:   "While positive attitudes towards palliative care were expressed, barriers to collaboration between haematology and SPC services were identified and provided opportunities for improved interdisciplinary working."

Making patient and public involvement in cancer and palliative research a reality: academic support is vital for success
Source:    BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care
Author:     Collins, et al
Excerpt:   "PPI provides considerable opportunities for patients and the public to work collaboratively with professionals to influence the cancer research agenda, with the contribution of PPI to the research process being integral to the entire process from the outset, rather than appended to it."

Palliverse researchers database - September 2014
Source:    Palliverse
Author:     Chi
Excerpt:   "You asked for it. Here it is! Behold the beginning of the Palliverse researcher database!"

Source:    MedPage Today
Author:     Frieden
Excerpt:   "The IMPACT Act -- which is expected to soon be headed to President Obama's desk for his signature -- would require hospices to be surveyed at least once every 3 years; some facilities currently go up to 8 years without an inspection."

News for Physicians & Medical Professionals
Source:    Physician's Briefing
Author:     N/A
Excerpt:   "Family physicians have several distinct roles in preventing and guiding hospitalization at the end of life, according to a study published in the September/October issue of the Annals of Family Medicine."

Author:     N/A
Excerpt:   "Achieving Universal Coverage of Palliative Care: Who Cares? We Do!"


Are You Ready to Implement a Distress Screening Program for Your Cancer Patients?
Source:    The ONC
Author:     McCue
Excerpt:   "According to a recent study, 75% of cancer patients with depression are not treated for it.1 The integration of psychosocial care into the routine care of all patients with cancer is being recognized as a new standard."

Source:    PAIN
Author:     Seretny, et al
Excerpt:   "Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) is a disabling pain condition resulting from chemotherapy for cancer. Severe acute CIPN may require chemotherapy dose reduction or cessation."

Source:    Journal of Pain
Author:     Cajanus, et al
Excerpt:   "This study demonstrates that the OPRM1 118 A>G polymorphism associated with the amount of oxycodone required in the immediate post-operative period. Although a significant factor for determining oxycodone requirement, the 118A>G polymorphism alone explained less than 1% of the variance. No association was found between 118A>G and experimental pain."

 Geri | Dementia 

Author:     Goldwater
Excerpt:   "“Why would I need to learn geriatric cardiology?All of my patients are old. It’s what I practice every day.”—Anonymous general cardiologist"

Residents with Alzheimers might forget poor care but the emotional damage is lasting, study shows
Source:    McKnight's LTC News
Author:     Mullaney, et al
Excerpt:   "A nursing home resident with Alzheimer's might forget receiving poor or negligent care, but the bad feelings created by ill treatment still could persist, University of Iowa researchers say."

Prevalence of and interventions for sarcopenia in ageing adults: a systematic review. Report of the International Sarcopenia Initiative (EWGSOP and IWGS)
Source:    Age and Ageing
Author:     Cruz-Jentoft, et al
Excerpt:   "Conclusion: prevalence of sarcopenia is substantial in most geriatric settings. Well-designed, standardised studies evaluating exercise or nutrition interventions are needed before treatment guidelines can be developed."

Source:    Annals of Long-Term Care
Author:     N/A
Excerpt:   "This clinical tip sheet reviews identification and management of behavioral problems related to dementia. Nonpharmacological strategies for managing these problems are preferred, but when these fail, pharmacological management can be tried."

 Neuro | Stroke 

Author:     Pollock, et al
Excerpt:   "Physical rehabilitation was beneficial, when compared with no treatment, on functional recovery after stroke (27 studies, 3423 participants; SMD=0.78; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.58–0.97, for activities of daily living scales), and this effect was noted to persist beyond the length of the intervention period (9 studies, 540 participants; …"

Source:    Stroke
Author:     Lees, et al
Excerpt:   "Commonly used cognitive screening tools have similar accuracy for detection of dementia/multidomain impairment with no clearly superior test and no evidence that screening tools with longer administration times perform better. MoCA at usual threshold offers short assessment time with high sensitivity but at cost of specificity; adapted cutoffs have improved specificity without sacrificing sensitivity."

Use of Montreal Cognitive Assessment in Patients With Stroke
Source:    Stroke
Author:     Chiti, et al
Excerpt:   "The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is a brief screening instrument originally designed to identify MCI in elderly patients attending a memory clinic."


Author:     Long
Excerpt:   "Marlene McHugh’s interest in palliative care started early in her 29-year nursing career."

 Allied Health 

Author:     Wade, et al
Excerpt:   "The IPAT was found to have good reliability and validity. Sensitivity and specificity analysis suggest the IPAT could provide a way of allowing staff to assess psychological distress among critical care patients after further replication and validation."

 Heart | Lungs 

Author:     Capoulade, et al
Excerpt:   "This study reports that peak-exercise BNP level provides significant incremental prognostic value beyond what is achieved by demographic and echocardiographic data, as well as resting BNP level."

Source:    Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine
Author:     Quinnell, et al
Excerpt:   "There is now a growing body of evidence suggesting that MADs are a clinically and cost-effective treatment for OSA; and in some cases, patient preference may make them a better option than CPAP."

Source:    Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine
Author:     Bilton, et al
Excerpt:   "Dornase alfa, a mucolytic agent, and hypertonic saline and mannitol, both hyperosmolar agents, have all been shown to benefit patients with cystic fibrosis. The optimal combination of therapies has not been identified, but a combination of a hyperosmolar agent combined with a mucolytic provides the most logical approach to improving lung function and reducing exacerbations."

Source:    Critical Care
Author:     Medrano, et al
Excerpt:   "HIV infection was related to a higher frequency of severe sepsis and death among patients admitted to the ICU. Besides, HIV/HCV coinfection contributed to an increased risk of death in both the presence and the absence of severe sepsis."

Source:    Critical Care Medicine
Author:     Gallop, et al
Excerpt:   "The study extends what was understood about severe sepsis from the patients' and caregivers' perspectives from the previous limited literature. Caregivers as well as patients reported enduring impact."

 Liver | Kidney 

Author:     Sarin, et al
Excerpt:   "New management options including the algorithms for the management of coagulation disorders, renal replacement therapy, sepsis, variceal bleed, antivirals, and criteria for liver transplantation for ACLF patients were proposed. The final consensus statements along with the relevant background information are presented here."

 Other Topics 

Author:     Mogul
Excerpt:   "This story is part of a partnership that includes WNYC, NPR and Kaiser Health News. It can be republished for free. (details) Special thanks to WNYC's Data Team."

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