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Finally, after more than 2 years of preparation, the LeCHE book "MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF MILK  - Investigating the role of dairy farming and milk consumption in the European Neolithic" is available. 

It was written, commented, reviewed, proof-read and co-designed by the LeCHE members.

The book (pdf format) is available for free download at the bottom of this page.
We apologize for the typo in the first page ("lactose" instead of "lactase"), we will upload a corrected version of the file as soon as possible.

It features 13 chapters on over 200 pages, ranging from archaeology to zoology and explaining the different methods that can be used by researchers to analyse archaeological remains. Initially planned as reference for undergraduate students, it has already become a standard in many university courses.

ISBN 978-0-901931-08-5


1 The History Inside Us 
Population genetics: how genetic 
diversity can tell us about our history

2 Local Cows for Local People  

3 Beyond the Pail 
Archaeozoological research into understanding
 prehistoric milking practises

4 The Afterlife of Bones: a narrow path to salvation or a road to destruction? 
Skeletal material as an archive of past life histories; 
the importance of addressing post-mortem effects
5 The Milkybars are on Me
Lactase persistence and its traces within DNA

6 History Engraved in Bones
Death, demography, DNA and dairying: how milk affected the
 population growth of ancient Europeans - an aDNA perspective

7 No Bull?
The past, present and future of cattle breeding

8 Empty Vessels Make Some Noise  
Role of DNA analyses in the detection of milk in ancient pottery

9 Was Milk Processed in these Ceramic Pots? 
Organic residue analyses of European prehistoric cooking vessels

10 (No) Struggle for Survival  
Insights into protein diagenesis and preservation

11 A Weighty Matter  
Calcium isotopes and the identification of human dairy consumption
in archaeological and modern biological samples

12 From Breast to Beast? 
Exploring the relationship between dairy farming, 
infant feeding and demographic change

13 Milking the Data
Modelling the diffusion of lactase persistence

Michela Leonardi,
Nov 22, 2012, 4:39 AM