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The Marie Curie Initial Training Network "LeCHE" is a research project within the EU´s 7th Framework Program. It was startet in 2009 and will run until 2013.

LeCHE brings together 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESR, PhD students), 2 Experiences Researchers (ER, Post-Docs) and a number of PIs and visiting scientists.

The major, binding topic of the project is milk and its connection to dairying, husbandry, health, evolution and society.
The projects brings together archaeologists, zoo-archaeologist, researchers of genetics and proteomics, stable isotopes to combine their research efforts on these topics.

The trait of Lactase Persistence (the ability to digest milk as an adult) is an extreme positive selection in humans, but ancient DNA analyses reveals that it is absent in the first Neolithic farmers. To narrow down the date and region in which this genetic trait appeared more widespread in the population of Europe is one of the projects focal points.

Funded by Marie Curie Actions

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LeCHE-book final proof coming soon.

Upcoming: LeCHE meeting in Uppsala

Melanie Salque, Roz Gillis, Matthew Teasdale and Pascale Gerbault awarded LeCHE grant worth 3000 EUR!

LeCHE members invited to write chapter for Champ-Durand book

Detals of LeCHE meetings
Beth wins 'genius' medal

The Rt. Hon. David Curry (MP), Chairman of Dairy UK, and Prof. Lord Colin Renfrew join the advisory board of LeCHE

Beth Shapiro named as Visiting Scientist

LeCHE Points System
This page explains the LeCHE system of points for transferable skills training