Lots of people work together to make such a wide ranging set of projects work.  As not everyone participates in every event, we always welcome people who want to work with us either academics or just interested in what we do.  The project is the outreach arm of the Marie Curie Research Project MAFRI (Molecular Identification of Fish Remains).

Founder and Academic Coordinator

Dr. Kristine Korzow Richter (Genetics and Proteomics) - Marie Curie Research Fellow, BioArCh, University of York

Research Scientists, Archaeologists, and Historians

A number of academics from archaeology and environment departments and the University of York collaborate with Fish 'n' Ships.

Dr. Andrew "Bone" Jones (Zooarchaeology) - Retired from University of Bradford, University of York, and York Archaeological Trust
Prof. Matthew Collins (Proteomics) - Professor of Archaeology, BioArCh, Department of Archaeology
Dr. David Orton (Zooarchaeology) - Lecturer in Zooarchaeology, BioArCh, Department of Archaeology
Dr. Harry Robson (Zooarchaeology and Isotopes) - Postdoctoral Research Associate, BioArCh, Department of Archaeology
Prof. Callum Roberts (Historical Ecology) - Professor of Marine Conservation, Environment Department
Dr. Philippa Hellawell - (Maritime Knowledge) - Associate Lecturer in the History of Science and Medicine, Department of History

Chef Presenter

Phil Leverington - Appearing on stage , radio and TV and at food festivals nationwide. '@thedemochef', is a 'seasoned' presenter and chef demonstrator who works closely with local independent micro-producers to create tasty, easy to repeat, no nonsense dishes in front of a live audience.

The list of places he has presented includes: York Festival of Food and Drink, Great Yorkshire Show, Great British Food Festival, Yorkshire Game Fair, and BBC Good Food

Organization, Administration, and Logistics

Richard Gardner - From Ursine Solutions, Richard has lots of experience in "making things work" which is useful when it comes to managing the logistics for our different events.  While his background is not in archaeology, he has helped on archaeological digs and listened to all of us talk about what we do so frequently that he can and does step in to run activities during events.

Emily Gardner - Emily joined us in 2017 to run our social media during events and provide support with planning.


We would be nowhere without our group of volunteers.  Some of them are archaeology undergraduates or masters students.  Some of them are researchers or archaeologists who just join us for the day.  And some are people who are just interested in archaeology or ecology and help lead activities.  Big thanks to all of them!

If you are interested in volunteering or joining the team - contact us.