Fish 'n' Ships: Fishing Through Time

Fish 'n' Ships is an innovate outreach collaboration between archaeology, history, ecology, cooking, and food providence that encourages understanding our relationship with fish through time based in York, UK.  It funded by the Marie Curie Research Project MAFRI (Molecular Identification of Fish Remains).  We use creative techniques including replicating historical fish meals and integrating archaeology and ecology to present the most recent scientific information about the diversity of aquatic species, the number of ways humans have exploited aquatic resources in the past, and what that means for the sustainability and stability of aquatic resources today and the future.

We run events including lectures, workshops, and exploration days for schools, clubs, organizations, or festivals.  See our Events Page for more information on where we are and what we do.  Over the next year, we are hoping to use this space to create a digital outreach presence about the food, archaeology, history, and ecology that we do.

Get in touch with us if you want to join or collaboration or invite us to an event.

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