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It's a bit weird when players are spending bennies just because it's late or things are looking dire, we have to stop for the night, and then the next session things aren't dire because everyone has bennies. 

So here's the change - You don't get bennies at the start of a session. Whatever bennies you had at the end of one session carry over to the start of the next session. 

Maximum Bennies: At any time, you can't have more bennies than you would normally start a session with - so 3 for a normal character, 4 for a character with luck. If you end a turn with more bennies than you are supposed to, you may give them away to a player that needs them. 
   Characters that have edges that reduce bennies, still have the maximum of 3 but they do not receive the first benny of each session. 

To make up for that, we need to be handing out more bennies to compensate. The following setting rules do that, but note that you can't go over your maximum number of bennies at any time. 

Story Benny: At the completion of each "act" within a campaign, everyone gets a benny. Find where the dragon lives and journey there - get a benny. Defeat the dragon, rescue princess: benny. Sit in the inn and discuss the best route to the dragon for 30 minutes - no benny. 

Consolation Benny: If you get a 2 card in initiative, you get a consolation benny. If you've got a feat that lets you improve your initiative card, it's up to you if want to keep the 2 and get the benny or pass on the benny and get a new card instead. 

GM Benny: If the GM spends a benny against you (soaking, re-rolling an attack, etc.) you get that benny. 

Screw Me Benny: If you have a critical failure and accept it, you get two bennies. One for you and one you have to give to another player - maybe the one who most pleadingly says "Come on, let the GM screw you". 

Hindrance Benny: If you play-up a hindrance to make your character do something sub-optimal, you get a benny. Simply playing a hindrance when no consequence is involved doesn't earn the benny - the hindrance should make you do something dangerous/stupid/harmful.