NAG 3: Personnel Policy


A Board of Trustees has a responsibility to be a good employer and such responsibilities require the development and implementation of good employer programmes and practices.


  • To be a good employer as defined in the State Sector Act 1988 and comply with the terms and conditions contained in employment contracts applying to teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • To promote high standards of staff performance.


Develop and implement personnel and industrial guidelines, within policy and procedural frameworks set by the Government from time to time, to ensure terms of employment agreements are at all times met by the Board of Trustees and which promote high levels of staff performance, use educational resources effectively and recognise the needs of students.

In order to fulfil the policy, the Board of Trustees and management have developed and will regularly review, the following procedural and administrative guidelines associated with personnel management:

Appointment Procedures
Classroom Release Time (CRT)
Equal Employment Opportunities Procedures
Police Vetting Procedures
Principal Performance Management
Protected Disclosure Procedures
Resolution of Complaints
Staff Performance Management
Unit Management

Reviewed 7 August 2018