Community Involvement Procedures

Pakuranga Heights School views the education of its students as a shared responsibility between parents/guardians of students, the school itself and the wider community.


  1. Parents/guardians are encouraged and invited to act as helpers for classroom activities throughout the school and are thoroughly informed of their obligations and purpose as helpers within the classroom environment.
  2. School policies are available through the office on request and outlines of learning programmes and curriculum developments are communicated to parents/guardians.
  3. Rosters are organised for extra-curricular activities, as required (eg patrols, sports).
  4. The PTA will actively seek the involvement of the parent body in fundraising, social and educational events that are planned during the school year.
  5. Newsletters, the key to communication, will be sent home on a regular basis.
  6. Parents/guardians will receive information on each student’s progress three times a year. The Principal and staff are accessible on request for further communication and this is encouraged throughout the school.
  7. These guidelines will also apply to non-parent/guardian helpers who may be involved in school activities.
  8. The Board of Trustee reserves the right to check the suitability of any community helper working in the school (eg through Police vetting or other agencies).
  9. Parents who attend overnight camps will be Police vetted.
Parents/guardian involvement in school activities will develop greater awareness of the school’s aspirations and operations. With this increased awareness, closer co-operation, liaison and communication will be established for the betterment of each child’s education.

Last reviewed 26 June 2018