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Portland to Ohio

posted Oct 31, 2012, 5:13 AM by Brian Bressler
Cross Crusade

by Willem Bakker
It was a disappointingly nice day; 55° and nothing but pure sunshine. As far as the race goes the first two laps were going pretty good even though I didn't have time to pre-ride the course.  I started mid-pack but the second and third laps allowed me to gain a bit more ground and with two laps left to go started to put down the hammer UNTIL a off-camber switch back in which I tried to take a guy on the inside and misjudged my speed/line and had to get on the brakes and ended up ass-over-tits landing on my head/right hand/right side of body. Frustrated with myself and my noob-move I got up, put my chain back on, and hopped back on my steed in pursuit. Two minutes later I was munching on a dirt sandwich yet again. I couldn't put any weight on my right hand. I tried to soft pedal for a few hundred feet hoping the pain in my hand would subside but the pain didn’t go away. For the first time in my life I had to drop out of a race.

 The medical staff noticed my crash and came to check on me and after looking me over suggested I needed serious medial attention. So there we go 30 minutes into the first real cross race and I'm on the way to the emergency room. AWESOME.

 Two hours, some pretty good pain killers, and two x-rays later I finally got some good news. No break (no break = no surgery, WOO HOO!), but pulled every ligament and tendon possible in my right wrist/hand and pinched a nerve to boot. But what is some good news without more bad news? Out 4-5 weeks and rocking an air cast. Yup that's right, in one, well really two, fell swoops my cross season is pretty much relegated to the December races (if lucky).

 But regardless of the misfortune that happened I will be back and with vigor.

Rick Mace crushing it and filming some great point-of-view shots.