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posted Oct 15, 2012, 8:54 PM by Brian Bressler   [ updated Oct 15, 2012, 9:47 PM ]

Starcrossed CAT 3 35+

Brian Bressler

Despite my 68th out of 68 at the Rapha Focus GP, I had a second row call up: Nice.  At “go” I accelerated into the lead pack going into the first turn and hung back with about five or six riders. The course was exceptionally dry, dusty and really bumpy.  The dusty ground was tricky to corner on and the bumps sapped my energy.  Friday's work out of practicing running (bobsled accelerations) after the barriers was fortuitous as the barrier section had a sandy 90° turn just after the barriers.  I typically chose to run all the way through the sand pit and up part of a concrete hill before remounting.  I gapped riders (almost J) every time.  By the 5th of eight laps, it was just me and two other riders with a good gap on the chase group.  We traded attacks and I was deep in the paincave.  With about 90 seconds left in the race I went down on a tight sandy 180° turn and dropped the chain.  Irate, I picked up my bike and started running.  While running I realized 90 seconds on a bike is not 90 seconds on foot. I stopped and fixed my chain and limped in for a 6th place finish.

 I love this picture as I have my eye focused on my “nemesis”.

Brian Wong and I before scrubbing the dirt off.