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Bressler Can Answer

posted Nov 13, 2012, 9:53 PM by Brian Bressler   [ updated Nov 13, 2012, 9:57 PM ]

The night before the race, my father-in-law asked what my strategy was for the MFG series finale at Woodland Park.  I explained my plan:  go for the hole shot, go as hard as I can…the entire time.  He wondered if I should write it down.

 The Woodland Park course is one of my favorites with lots of hills and fast single track.  A steep run-up was added this year and I found that if I came into the hill just right I could ride the entire climb.  Four minutes into the first lap I led the Cat 3 35+ field down to the bottom of the run up and drilled it all the way up.  Most of the riders were forced to dismount and I established a good gap.  I attacked every hill kept the pace fast.  The field is super strong and pushed hard to keep the gap.

 This was my second win of the season and it felt especially good.  One of my racing goals this year was to be on the podium at Woodland Park.  The extra perk is that I won the overall Cat 3 35+ series as well!  Now, it’s time to refocus and prepare for the Washington State Championship on December 2nd.  

Crushing the run-up (not the first lap)

The gap on the first lap after the run up
  The best part