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2013 Starcrossed CX

posted Sep 24, 2013, 6:09 AM by Brian Bressler
I earned some decent results last year but even still, my petition for an upgrade to Cat 2 was denied.  Rules are rules.  So I registered for the Cat 3 30+ race and was lucky enough to get a front row call up.  With a spot like this, I had to go for the hole shot.  I lead the field through the first turn and drilled the first lap opening a good gap.  The Hodala sandbagging heckles were brutal but winning still felt really good.  I petitioned again for the upgrade and was denied again.  Rules are still rules.  I’m considering expanding my schedule to include at few more USAC events to hopefully earn the official upgrade.
All barrier sections should have a beer garden, it makes me smile.