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Web Design (Standard and Honors)

The Web Design Class covers all aspects of building websites from purely technical to business and graphics design.  We use industry-standard Adobe CS3 applications and by the end of class, student teams have taken on and built functioning websites for organizations in our community.
Some of our customers!

The Mulch Factory (Seth Hansen, Melissa Hollowell) 2009)

Caveman Construction LLC (NaCole Martinez, Haylen Mead, 2009)
Course Syllabus
The web design course has both a standard and an honors component.  It can be taken multiple times by a student interested in the different aspects of web-based technology.  The standard class focuses on static web sites, graphics, flash, and third party capabilities.  The final project is a team built website for a local business or non-profit entity.  The honors version focuses on creating interactive web-based content using the Model-View-Controler architecture via Google App Engine.  The honors version requires a 4th generation programming class as a prerequisite.

See the attachments below for the syllabus
Our Weather Station!
The 2010 web design class assembled and mounted a web-enabled weather station on the high school.  It now streams data to a variety of online services.  The "weather sticker" above is courtesy of www.wunderground.com, one of those services.
Jesse Morehouse,
Sep 28, 2011, 11:24 AM