General Information

The Page County Public Schools Gifted Program provides services to students who are identified as Gifted and who are in grades 3-12. Students who are in grades 3-5 who are found eligible to receive Gifted services will attend a G/T center one day a week with Mrs. Knoll, the Elementary Gifted and Talented Specialist. To find out about what students do at the G/T center, please click on the tab above titled "G/T Curriculum" or contact Mrs. Knoll at eknoll@pagecounty.k12.va.us.

Referral Information

If you would like to refer your child to Mrs. Knoll for formal G/T testing, please click on the tab above titled "Resources" and follow the instructions for how to submit a referral. Your child must be in third, fourth or fifth grade to be formally tested for the Gifted Program, however, Mrs. Knoll will formally test students for the Gifted Program at the end of the second grade if they meet the specific criteria outlined in the Local Plan for the Education of the Gifted.

K-2 Enrichment Services

Students in grades K-2 can receive pull-out enrichment services from Mrs. Knoll if their teacher or parent refers them for services. 

Please note that a student who receives enrichment services can not be referred to be formally assessed to receive Gifted services until they reach third grade.

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G/T Center Information

For the 2018-2019 school year, the G/T center location for the identified G/T students of Page County Public Schools in grades 3-5 will be at Luray Elementary.

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Luray Elementary School

Students who do not normally attend Luray Elementary School will be bused to and from Luray Elementary on their G/T day. Luray Elementary G/T students will come to the G/T center on their G/T day at 8:30 and be dismissed at 1:00pm.

The G/T center at Luray Elementary is in room #24.