Join us for Scalextric in 2011...

If you're doing the Scalextric Project this year... Log in here:

 Do you want to turn this? Into this? to make this? And even add go faster stripes?
 Do you want to assemble these? Onto this? To make a finished one of these? And then race them on this?

4th January - 18th February - express an interest by e-mailing
19th Feb-17th March - Prepare to visit Paganel Primary School
18th March - Challenge Day: visit Paganel Primary School where all children meet up and find out exactly what the challenge entails. This includes hands-on activities on designing and making a car; designing a scalextric track; and social media activities for the children in different schools to stay in youch with each other.
19th March - 1st June: Design, make and test cars - children will stay in touch with each other through blogs started on 18th March.
10th June: Race Day - Join us at the Birmingham Hippodrome to race cars against each other.

Activities, venue hire and training all supplied free.
£free for parts - (should be £30.00)
£Transport to visit us at Paganel (in Birmingham, UK)
£Transport to visit Hippodrome (Birmingham, UK) for Race Day.

If you want to see what we did last year, watch this video:

Scalextric Project 2009-2010