Welcome to Paddle Louisiana Online

  • The purpose of this website is to provide paddlers with all the driving and paddling route information they need to paddle the best waterways in Louisiana.
  • The information it contains is compiled from internet resources and field data collected.
  • Paddling conditions on most waterways are dynamic and some places may not always be passable because of water level or vegetation conditions.
  • The developer of this website makes no promises as to the accuracy of the info or the conditions at the time of an individuals paddle trip.
  • The map below on this page contains links to paddling areas or trips.  Click on a marker and follow the link.
  • The trip page will include the following:
    • A map with waypoints and route track that can be zoomed and viewed as basic map or satellite photo.
    • Links to driving directions to put ins or shuttle trip driving directions.
    • Links to websites with more information about the area
    • Attached files which can be downloaded and loaded into a GPS receiver or opened in Google Earth.
    • Map printing directions are included on each trip page for paper map and compass users.