Name: Suryasen Goswami

Support : 2017-2019

Current Education Higher Secondary (Science)

     Bengali, English, Physics, 
     Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics 

School Address: 

Head Master : 

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Parents : 
Father- (L) Premananda Goswami

Financial Condition: 

Family members:- Suryasen has two sisters. His father passed away but he has his mother and grandmother. His mother is mentally unstable.
Earning member:- His grandmother, 90 years old, is the sole earning member. They live on her pension which is a meager INR 2390/- per month.
House condition:- His family lives in a earthen hut, devoid of electricity.

Ambition :

Newspaper report and contact with Padakshep:

Padakshep came to know about Suryasen from the enclosed newspaper report published in Uttarbanga Sambad. The process of 

 setting up communication  with him, finding a good  school and accommodation  for him in Malda is in itself  a story.. But of course not  a news-report worthy one.  However, it is certainly  worth a blog-post, and we  are working on sharing our  this very special  experience with you. If  you are interested, please  do visit this page in a couple of weeks' time.