Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 32.  I hope we were able to answer all of your questions and you are excited to join us this year.  You will soon receive a welcome email from ScoutBook, our online advancement system.

Our website (www.pack32santaclara.netis your portal to all things scouting and Pack 32.  You will want to bookmark it and check the page frequently.

I suggest you subscribe to the Pack's Google Calendar - this is our master calendar of events.  Using the links below you can integrate our calendar to populate on your Google, Outlook, iPhone, or most other calendars.  (note: despite Yahoo calendars ability to support the iCal format, Google calendars and Yahoo calendars do not seem to integrate)
o   iCal (for use with any calendar that supports iCal format)  http://www.google.com/ calendar/ical/pack32% 40pack32santaclara.net/public/ basic.ics

If you paid dues and submitted an application, you will receive a user name and password from ScoutBook.  ScoutBook is our cloud based advancement tracking program and email communication system.  Throughout the year, as your son completes the requirements for his rank advancement you will be able to mark them off on ScoutBook   This allows the leadership to easily know what awards we need to purchase for each Pack Show.  It also saves the hassle of each den leader needing to go through each scouts handbook every week.  I will be happy to go over ScoutBook a bit with you at a den meeting, but I think if you play with it a bit you will figure it out pretty quick.  ScoutBook will also allow you access to a roster should you need to contact other scouts, with the knowledge that this information is restricted to members only.  It is a good idea if both parents register on ScoutBook.

The best place to purchase Cub Scout uniforms is at the South Bay Scout Shop in the Council Office located at 970 W. Julian St, San Jose, Ca 95126.  A smaller selection of uniforms is available at Merry Mart in Santa Clara, and you can also order online at www.scoutstuff.org .  The South Bay Scout Shop is especially helpful and is staffed by BSA employees.

Required Uniform:
  • Uniform shirt
    • blue for 1st to 5th grade
    • 4th and 5th grade can also wear tan
  • Hat for your rank
  • Neckerchief slide for your rank
  • Handbook for your rank
  • Uniform belt with Cub Scout belt buckle
  • Council Shoulder Insignia (Silicon Valley Monterrey Bay)
  • Unit numbers - 32
  • Unit veteran bar - 60 (these are stocked behind the counter)
  • Den Number - (this will be determined soon)
  • World Crest emblem
Optional, but highly recommended:
  • Uniform convertible pants/shorts
  • Cub Scout Socks
If you do not sew, the Scout Shop also offers a badge sewing service, as do many dry cleaners, and will sew on the patches on the uniform, in the proper locations, for a small fee.  They also have new magic backing material to attach patches to uniforms.

The Pack Show is our monthly awards ceremony held on the 4th Wednesday of the Month at the American Legion Hall (958 Homestead Road, Santa Clara).  Den Meetings are generally held on other Mondays and/or Wednesdays at Washington Open.  Both Den Meetings and Pack Shows start at 6:32pm.  Scout should wear full uniform.

You should begin your son's path down the Scouting trail by working on the requirements for his first rank, the Bobcat.  The Bobcat requirements are located near the front of his handbook.  You will need to complete these requirements at home as your son's Den will be working on the requirements for his Rank.  All Cub Scouts will earn the Bobcat rank before they can be awarded any other rank.

Membership Chair
Pack 32