Pack 32 - 2018 Popcorn Fundraiser Information for Parents


Hello from your Popcorn Kernels!


Why Popcorn?   Popcorn sales are Pack 32’s main fundraiser for the year. It pays for a lot of the fun activities we do in our Scout year. It pays for Fall Family camp, award badges, neckerchiefs, the pinewood derby cars and other awesome and fun events.  Your scout’s active involvement will help instill a sense of ownership and responsibility to our Pack’s success.   A full 30+% of sales comes back directly to our pack.


Goal:  The popcorn sales goal for each scout is $350 to support our current pack budget.  The council has an extra incentive for scouts selling at the $650 and $1500 level.


Selling Popcorn: Scouts should use their best manners, be dressed in full uniform and show appreciation to our customers. Remember, even if they don’t buy any from you this year, they may remember you next year.  There are 4 main ways to sell popcorn.


1.      Show & Sell:
Show & Sells are posted on the pack website in a google doc.  Two Adults and two scouts in uniforms will man 1.5-hour shifts in front of a public area.  Assignments for shifts are on a first come first served basis.  All sales/donations from all show & sell dates will be divided among the scouts based on hours worked.  Thus, if your scout works more than 1 shift, they will get 2 “shares” towards their goal. 

2.      & 3. Show & Deliver  / Take Order

a.       BE SAFE!  Scouts should be supervised by an adult when selling door to door and never sell alone.  Scouts should use the Popcorn sales form to log all customer sales.  Please write legibly.   We will need to read them to order the correct popcorn for you. 

b.      Show and Deliver - Scouts have the option of “checking out” product to take with them to sell in their neighborhood, an event, or a parent’s place of work.  This is a popular option for some families as they can deliver the product right away.  If you are interested in doing this, popcorn checkout will be available at 1450 Emory Street San Jose, CA 95126.  Call or Text Danielle to set up a pickup time at:  408-722-7179.   Parents will be responsible for any product they take out, and will be asked to sign off on what was taken.

c.       Take Orderforms -  The Popcorn Kernels will be collecting all take order forms and money on Wednesday October 4th , 2017 at the Den meeting.  This will be the last day to submit forms.   Please make sure that you label your envelope with the Scout’s Name, prize choice, pin or patch selection and Den number.

d.      No cash from the Show & Deliver or Take Orders will be accepted to Pack 32.  Parents should turn in checks made payable to Pack 32.  Please make sure there is a name and address on the check.

e.       The popcorn will be ready for delivery in November.

f.        Here is a basic script that the scouts can use: 
Hi, my name is ___________, and I am a Cub Scout with Pack 32. I'm selling popcorn to raise money for the things I like to do in Scouting. Give examples… The popcorn is delicious and there are many different kinds to choose from. Will you please help support me? (Always say "Thank You" when you are done)

4.      Online

a.       Get started today:

                                                               i.      Go to http://sell.trails-end.com to login or create an account

                                                             ii.      Send emails from the website to friends and family

                                                           iii.      Track your online sales

b.      Here are step-by-step instructions from our council in setting up an account: http://svmbc.org/svmbc/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Trails-End.com-Registration_Webpage-Creation-Tutorial-Scout.pdf

c.       Beginning August 1st thru October 1st Online sales along with show and sell and take orders count towards Scout Rewards.

d.      If you have trouble logging in, please let us know

Prizes  See your order sheet inserts for more details, but here is a sample of the great prizes your scout can earn:

·         Sell anything – popcorn patch

·         Sell $225 – Survival tool

·         Sell $350 – Scout Pocket Knife – use for your achievements!

·         Sell $1500 – Hiking Backpack

·         And more!

·         ON TOP OF THAT, the top selling den (by $/scout) will get a pizza party

·         PLUS – as a special council bonus, each scout selling $650 or more will receive a $20 gift card to the scout shop.  Any scout selling $1,500 or more will receive 2 tickets to the Top Seller council event.


Thanks to all for making this fundraiser a huge success!  Should you have concerns or questions please contact our Pack 32 Popcorn Kernels Danielle and Andrew at 408-722-7179.



 Popcorn Information for Kernel:

Popcorn sales are Pack 32’s main fundraiser that pays for award badges, neckerchiefs, Fall family camp and other awesome and fun activities we do.  Each scout’s active involvement will help instill a sense of ownership and responsibility to our Pack’s success.   A full 30+% of sales comes back directly to our pack and scouting a total of 72% going to local scouting.


Pack 32 Goals

  • $350 in sales per scout
  • 100% participation rate
  • 31% commission from popcorn sales.  How you get this is:
    • 21% base commission
    • 2% for attending Kickoff
    • 3% for attending Popcorn University
    • 5% for achieving $250 in sales/scout  (It’s unclear how this number is calculated.  Most likely they take this number from the form that you turn in in the beginning registering the Pack for Popcorn sales.  It asks you how many boys are in the Pack.  Saying “55” is usually safe, as the Pack fluctuates between 50-65 boys)


Team Organization

  • Pack Popcorn Kernels (2-3) – responsible for shepherding the Pack through Popcorn Sale as per the council timeline.  Try to recruit other parents to handle some of the more discrete tasks below.
  • Ideal team size is 3 people


Major Tasks

  • Host the Popcorn Kickoff
    • August Pack Show and New Member Night
    • Announce the general process and timelines
    • Have the Top Sales person give a talk/tips on selling
  • Coordinate “Show & Sell” – coordinate the Show & Sell sales, including coordinating with store owners to allow scouts to sell, coordinate shifts and sign up for scouts, and manage “the kit” and inventory.  See below for more detail.
  • Coordinate “Show & Deliver” – coordinate the Show & Deliver sales, mainly managing inventory for parents that check it out.  See below for more details.
  • Coordinate “Take Order” – coordinate the Take Order sales, including making sure scouts have the Order Form, tallying up orders, entering online, and ordering popcorn.  See below for more details.
  • Coordinate “Online sales” – coordinate online sales.  This is largely handsoff, but there is motivating the scouts, and running reports to accurately report to the council.
  • Pick up popcorn from the warehouse – weekly for about 4-5 weeks, then a huge order for the Take Order set
  • Order prizes and distribute – gather prize choices from scouts, ensure prize levels are correct, order prizes for distribution at Pack Show, help coordinate the Pack-specific rewards.  See below for more details
  • Communicate with parents
    • Need a regular pulse, like the weekly newsletter from the District Kernels.  Reminders for parents, and what we need them to do.  Can also include random fun bits about popcorn and selling. 
    • Can ask Toby to give you rights to email/address the entire pack, then revoke access afterwards
  • Work with the treasurer to deposit money appropriately and pay the council for the popcorn
    • Can hand over checks as we get them to the treasurer
    • The Pack has a policy of signing paper to the form of “I, ___, received X amount of money from _____ on this date”.
    • Invoice will also need to be sent to the treasurer in order to cut the check for the council
  • Produce the Popcorn Report at the end – This is to track metrics for the Pack and to determine prizes.  See below for more details.



Popcorn sales typically run from Aug to end-Oct, with the prizes wrapping up in November.

Highlevel timeline

  • Attend Popcorn University (Aug)
  • Hold Kickoff with Pack (Aug)
  • Submit initial order Aug
  • Initial Pickup Early Sept
  • Schedule Show & sells for Sept in June/July
  • Take Order Popcorn Pickup (Nov)
  • Pizza Party for winning den (Nov)
  • Prize/Patch distribution (Jan)

Resources Available

There are several main resources available to the Pack 32 popcorn kernels:

  • Popcorn University – this is a training held in the Aug/Sept timeframe that the council puts on to make sure that all Kernels have the basic information.  Attending will also help the Pack get more commission.  The focus is on motivating new kernels, making sure everyone knows the council goals and timelines, as well as giving out samples.
  • District Kernels – these are folks who are Popcorn Kernels for the entire district.  They can answer questions on the process, and if there is any issue with the orders.  They usually send out a weekly newsletter reminding people of key dates and letting people know what the Pack kernels should be focusing on.
  • CubMaster/Committee Chair, – They have been through multiple popcorn sales and can give general guidance, as well as who does what in the Pack.
  • Past kernels – they have been through the process before!

Show & Sell

Show & Sell is where the scouts show up to sell in shifts in front of a store.  The main thing here is to manage the popcorn inventory and get the shifts set up.

Someone will need to order popcorn from the Trails End site:

  •  http://sell.trails-end.com/login  (Popcorn System)
  • You can create your own login/password that you can then use to access the system
  • There is only ONE initial Show & Sell/Show & Deliver order, then refreshes every week as sales progress
  • For the initial order, order extra popcorn as supplies ran low the last few weeks at the warehouse

Things to do:

  • Reserve spots with stores
      • Zonnato’s (best site)
      • Safeway by Santa Clara University
      • Pete’s
    • If possible, get email or in writing confirmation
  • Setup the signup sheet for scouts to sign up: EXAMPLE
    • Selling logistics works best with 2 scouts per shift
    • 2 hr shifts are good – any longer, and the scouts get antsy
  • Coordinate the popcorn inventory
  • Set up “the kit”
    • Update the show and sell binder to include schedules, site confirmation and needed information
    • cash box with $100 small bills
    • credit card reader
    • table
    • banner or Den Flag
    • markers
    • popcorn $ signs
    • cooler (to hold the chocolate products as they cannot be in the sun)
    • tape
    • thank you cards for store
    • envelopes for money
    • popcorn (use last year’s spreadsheet to estimate amount)
  • Email everyone participating 3 days prior to confirm and include everyone's contact info in the email
  • Make sure the “opening shift” parents have “the kit”
  • Make sure the “closing shift” parents can take home excess popcorn, the kit, and handoff to the next opening shift.  Also, give them instructions on what to do with the money
  • Prepare a “thank you card” for the store
    • Do this in advance – have all the scouts sign it, and give it to the store manager day-of sales to get it out of the way
  • Need to calculate intermediate totals per scout
    • Parents want to know how much more their scout needs to sell to meet the pack goal, so you cannot really wait for Show & Sell to conclude before giving a prelim number
    • Zanotto’s really skews the numbers, so if this is an early spot, round this number down a bit

Calculating the Show & Sell amount each scout earns:

  • All scouts earn the same amount per shift so as to not penalize boys for ending up at a “bad” location
  • The formula is: Total of all Show & Sell $/total # boys participating
  • If some boys worked multiple shifts, they get to multiply the number above by the # shifts they worked
  • EXAMPLE:  If the Show & Sell shift # is $65, and there is a scout who worked 2 shifts, he gets a 2*$65 = $130 credit

 Random tips:

  • Zanotto’s is a very popular spot and generates the most sales money, so reserve in June!
  • Pure donations are for Pack 32, and handled as tips
  • Track inventory on the popcorn bank excel spreadsheet for show and sell and show and deliver. 


Show & Deliver

Show & Deliver is when the scouts “check out” some popcorn to bring with them to sell door-to-door.  This has become a very popular option as it cuts out waiting for delivery.  Parents need to be aware that they are responsible for all checked out product, and need to pay for it if not returned on time.  In addition, they must be especially careful with chocolate products, which could melt – the recommendation it to keep these in a cooler.


Things to do:

  • Use the popcorn receipt to give to families checking out popcorn.
  • Record popcorn checked out on the popcorn bank excel sheet
  • Have scout mark the paid and delivered box on their take order form when doing show and deliver.
  • Turn all money in together with their take order form.
  • Have them return unused popcorn prior to the due date for take order forms

Take Order

Take Order is the more traditional form of sales, in which scouts sell to various people, record their information and order on a form provided by the Council, and then scouts deliver popcorn when the Sales Run is concluded in November.  This type of sales is waning in favor of Show & Deliver, but as of 2014, the highest grossing sales type.


Things to do:

  • Make sure each scout has a form
  • Make sure scouts know how to use the Take Order form
  • Make sure scouts and parents are aware of the deadlines and when to turn in the form
    • Give yourself at least one week to get the orders in and enter
  • Enter the orders into the Trails End Popcorn system
    • You can enter names of all scouts prior – get Toby to give you a roster
    • Just enter the totals; no need to enter the scouts entire order line-by-line
  • Enter numbers into the Money Tracking Spreadsheet to ease calculation of all the metrics later
  • Photo copy checks and popcorn forms so the Pack retains a copy
    • The original form is returned to the scout when they pick up their popcorn.
    • Also useful for tracking down bad checks
  • Collect money
    • Do NOT accept cash – have parents turn in checks, preferable one per scout, but people turn in multiple checks.  The main thing is to avoid cash
    • If you get cash, you can choose to convert that cash into checks via your own checking account
    • You can choose to provide envelopes to ease form/money collection – the size that works the best is 8.8.5x5.25”


Online Sales

Online sales is where the scouts (or the parents) setup an account on the popcorn system and drive online sales.  Historically low for Pack 32, but future kernels may choose to push this type of sale more.  One con of this is that you remove the interaction of the scouts with their buyers, detracting from the experience.


Selling Tips for the Scouts

  • Enlist Den Leaders’ help to have scouts practice sales pitches during den meetings
  • Have some scouts demo selling for each den
  • Places to consider: place of worship, mom/dad’s workplace, neighborhood
  • A simple sales pitch for scouts to base off of:  Hi, my name is ___________, and I am a Cub Scout with Pack 32. I'm selling popcorn to raise money for the things I like to do in Scouting. The popcorn is delicious and there are many different kinds to choose from. Will you please help support me? (Always say "Thank You" when you are done)


Popcorn Report

These are the metrics that the Pack likes to track.  Have someone prepare this report for the CubMaster/Committee Chair, and verbally to the Pack at one of the Pack Shows.

  • Total Sales (incl donations to the Pack): 19,203
  • Sales broken down by type:
    • Show & Sell
    • Show & Deliver
    • Take Order
    • Online
    • Donations
  • Participation rate: #boys who sold/# boys in pack from end-Aug
    • This is tricky because Sept/Oct are actually heavy recruitment months, so the number fluctuates
    • The participation rate seems to historically be around high 70’s
  • Highest Seller
  • Highest selling den
    • This is NOT the highest absolute $ amount in sales
    • It is actually the highest AVG per scout in the den, calculated by amt sales per den/# boys in den, in order to normalize the results so that larger dens don’t have an unfair advantage
  • # of scouts who made the $600 or $1500 level from the council


Popcorn Rewards

Pack 32 participates in the Trails End prize program, as well doing our own special prizes. 


Trails End

Trails End has a prize program.  The prizes are documented as part of the Take Order form.  Scouts can choose their level as part of turning in their Take Order form.  The prize level is show&sell + show&deliver+takeorder+online sales.  

Ordering prizes from Trails end is done online, en masse.  The prizes will be shipped to the person who ordered.  Usually 2 large boxes.  Someone will need to then label the prizes with the correct scout and pass out at an upcoming den meeting to reduce the chaos at a Pack Show.  You can enlist Den Leaders’ help with this.


Pizza Party

The Pack rewards the Highest Selling Den with a Pizza Party.  Toby takes care of the money, and tells the Den Leader their budget. 


Popcorn Report - 10/22/2014

  • Total Sales (incl donations to the Pack): 19,203
  • Sales broken down by type:
    • Show & Sell - 3640
    • Show & Deliver - 6107
    • Take Order - 8991
    • Online - 338
    • Donations - 127 + 371.63 from show & sell
  • Participation rate: 76.8%
  • Highest Seller: Brandon  from Den 8 with 1304 in sales!
  • Highest selling den = Den 4, with a whopping $539.67 of avg sales per scout
  • We had 11 scouts make the $600 council prize level.  We’ll also have a raffle for all the rest of the boys who sold for a rocket set.
  • Made the $250/scout goal, so we got 5% extra commission!
  • Balloons on Nov 3, 2014 – for each $100 scouts sold, they have a chance to soak the cub master!