Pack 32 Den Paperwork Challenge

For each Den that ALL scouting families complete ALL of these by the October 24th Pack Show, they will receive a dessert at the October Pack Show.
  1. Dues Paid in Full
  2. Youth Protection Training (YPT) completed for both parents
    • Instructions here:
    • Give one paper diploma or email PDF to Membership Chair
    • Keep a copy of diploma for yourself
    • If you haven't done YPT in the past 4 months, you need to retake this new version
    • Also, YPT takes 45-90 minutes, so plan some time to get it done
  3. Medical Forms A+B completed for all family members
  4. includes headshot photograph of Scout
    • Please also make sure birthdate, address, school, and grade are correct
  5. includes headshot photograph of both Parents and Mobile Phone number for each
Important: #1, #2, and #3 are REQUIRED to attend Fall Family Camp, and due at October 24th Pack Show

  • For financial scholarship or payment plan, please talk to Committee Chair
  • If single-parent families, only need that parent's YPT, medical forms, photograph, and mobile phone number
  • If you don't want to post a photograph, post a picture that represents them.  example: If a scout likes soccer, include a picture of a soccer ball
  • If no mobile phone, include home phone number