Memorial Day

Each Memorial Day Weekend, Pack 32, Pack 43, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts place flags at Veteran's grave sites in the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery (490 Lincoln Street -  We leave the flags out for a full week.

Flag Placement: Saturday, May 26th at 8:30AM (should be done by 11AM).
Flag Retrieval: Saturday, June 2nd at 8:30AM (should be done by 11AM).
Please register below.  You must register to get DONUTS!

Scouts and Leaders should wear full uniform.  If you don't have a uniform, please wear something patriotic.

Some additional suggestions:
1) Bring a standard screwdriver in case the ground is too tough.  Stick the screwdriver into the dirt first, then the flag pole will fit in easily.
2) Bring a wagon if you have one.  These could be used to transport the flags instead of a car.
3) Bring water to drink.

Work in progress below this point...

  • ALL details for upcoming/next event at top of page
    • who, what, when, where how, why
    • schedule
    • maps & directions
    • pictures
    • packing list
    • forms
    • etc

  • How to schedule and plan for this event
    • who will organize this? (den, rank, cubmaster, etc)
    • who to talk to (Cubmaster, Committee, District/Council people)
    • when to start planning (need to reserve Central Park Arbor 4months before at 8AM sharp!)
    • equipment needed for setup (canopy, banner, etc)
    • food/snacks/cookingg
    • etc

  • Notes and feedback for future running of this event.
    • what went well
    • what could be better
    • other ideas for future

  • Historical attendance for this event
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    • cost to attend (per person)
    • event cost/budget (to put on the event)
    • key memory (the place with the bees, the telescopes, etc)
 date location
 organizer #scouts #adults #siblings #total cost to attend
 event cost/budget
 key memory
 1/1/14 Central Park
 $100 awesome telescopes for star viewing
 1/1/15 Oakland Zoo
 Joe 33 6 8 47 $10 $100 the camp with the bees
 1/1/16 North Pole
 Bob 34 7 9 50 free $1M underwater basket weaving!