Meeting Locations

  • We're Pack 32, so we start our events at 32 minutes past the hour.
  • Pack Shows (other units call these Meetings) are held monthly on the Fourth Wednesday of each month (except June and December) from 6:32-7:45 p.m. Pack shows are held at the American Legion Post 419 Hall (map) 958 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA 95050.  Some shows are on the 3rd or 5th Wednesday as needed.

  • Den Meetings (during the school year) are held weekly on either Monday or Wednesday (except for holidays, no school days at Washington Open, & Pack show dates) typically from 6:32-7:32 p.m. at Washington Open School (map) 270 Washington St, Santa Clara Ca 95050.  Dens can also meet at other locations and times on their own.

Den Meeting Guidelines:
  • We are guests of the school and can lose our meeting privilege anytime.
  • Be flexible.  During school events (class meetings, book faire, etc), your room may not be available.
  • Utmost care must be taken in the space that we are allowed to use.
  • Tables and chairs must be returned to their original locations.
  • Be sure to remove trash and clean up any mess in the room.  Use garbage cans located outside the room.
  • DO NOT TOUCH anything that is not Cub Scout related.
  • Scouts are NOT allowed on the playgrounds or play structures without direct parent supervision.  Direct means that 2 parents must be AT the playground.
  • Park in the "Poplar St" Parking lot under the solar panels.  DO NOT PARK in the cafeteria parking lot.
  • It would be nice for each Den to get a thank you gift for the teachers and staff that allow us to use the school space.

Den Meeting Locations for 2018-19:
    • AOL Den 1 - Room 15
    • AOL Den 4 - Staff Lounge
    • Webelos Den 3 - Mondays TBD
    • Bear Den 7 - Upper Spillout
    • Bear Den 9 - Library
    • Bear Den 10 - Lower Spillout
    • Wolf Den 6 - Room 2
    • Tiger Den 2 - Room 22
    • Tiger/Wolf Den 8 - Room 21
    • Lion Den 5 - Room 20
  • Pack 32 Committee Meetings are held monthly typically on the first Sunday of the month from 4:00 - 5:32 PM at the Committee Chairman's home.  Committee meetings provide Pack 32 leaders and interested parents with a forum to plan upcoming events and discuss Pack 32 business.
  • Cub Scout Leaders Roundtable is held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 at the LDS Moorpark Building at 925 Cera Drive, San Jose, CA 95129-2261 (map). Roundtable meetings provide Cub Scout leaders and interested parents an opportunity to learn or refresh scouting skills and a forum for sharing information about upcoming activities and events at the District and Council levels.