Family Camp Overview

Pack 32 has the best family camps around!  There are typically two per year and they are the highlights for the scouts and their families.

Our Pack has grown in size, so we often reserve Boy Scout Camps in the area.  Recent camps have been attended by over 150 people (Cub Scouts, Parents, and Siblings).

Each camp has different activities, but they are all fun!

Here are some of the recent locations we have camped.  Click the link for full details!

  • How to schedule and plan for this event
    • who will organize this? (den, rank, cubmaster, etc)
    • who to talk to (Cubmaster, Committee, District/Council people)
    • when to start planning (need to reserve Central Park Arbor 4months before at 8AM sharp!)
    • equipment needed for setup (canopy, banner, etc)
    • food/snacks/cookingg
    • etc

  • Notes and feedback for future running of this event.
    • what went well
    • what could be better
    • other ideas for future

  • Historical attendance for this event
    • dates
    • location
    • leaders names
    • #scouts
    • #adults
    • #siblings
    • #total
    • cost to attend (per person)
    • event cost/budget (to put on the event)
    • key memory (the place with the bees, the telescopes, etc)
 date location
 organizer #scouts #adults #siblings #total cost to attend
 event cost/budget
 key memory
 1/1/14 Central Park
 $100 awesome telescopes for star viewing
 1/1/15 Oakland Zoo
 Joe 33 6 8 47 $10 $100 the camp with the bees
 1/1/16 North Pole
 Bob 34 7 9 50 free $1M underwater basket weaving!

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