This page is an Annual Checklist for new and returning members of Pack 32.  Please complete ALL of these by the September Pack Show.  Some items are required to attend Fall Family Camp.

  • Pay Annual Dues - Annual dues fund much of our Scouting program and are due by the September Pack Show
    • Payment options: Check payable to "Pack 32", PayPal to, or Cash
    • After dues are paid, be sure to pick up the new Pack 32 T-shirt design!
  • Complete YPT - Youth Protection Training
    • This is required to attend Family Camps
    • Instructions are in file at bottom of page named "YPT - How to Take Youth Protection Training.pdf
  • Sign up to Help the Pack Go!
    • It takes a lot to keep this pack going.  EVERYONE is a volunteer and we always need more help.
    • Job descriptions are here Pack Job Descriptions or talk to any current leader
  • Sign-in to and make sure your contact information is correct - especially mobile phone number
    • Both parents/guardians should have accounts in Scoutbook
    • Enter achievements that your son complete over the summer into Scoutbook.
    • Upload photographs of each person (scout and parents/guardians) to their appropriate Scoutbook page.
  • Purchase uniform and book.
  • Sign up for Pack 32's Shutterfly Page at
    • From your mobile phone, you can use the Shutterfly Share Sites App to upload and view Pack 32 password protected photos.

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