Arrow of Light Bridge to Boy Scouts

Arrow of Light is the highest rank in Cub Scouting.  Once a Cub Scout earns Arrow of Light, he can "bridge" to a Boy Scout Troop.  Arrow of light allows children to start in Boy Scouts before the end of 5th Grade (the normal requirement)

Pack 32 holds our Arrow of Light Rank Ceremony and Bridging to Boy Scouts at the March Pack Show on Wednesday, March 28th at 6:32PM.

Arrow of Light is the highest rank in Cub Scouting.  The rank can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform and as a knot on an Adult Leader uniform.  AOL allows boys to bridge into a Boy Scout Troop before graduating 5th grade.

Many Pack 32 Cub Scouts are well on their way to earning Arrow of Light Rank.  Although the requirements do not need to be completed until early-March, we need to order the expensive awards by the end of February.  THEREFORE, WE NEED TO KNOW BY THE END OF FEBRUARY IF YOUR SON WILL COMPLETE ARROW OF LIGHT RANK.

Not all scouts will complete the AOL requirements nor bring to a Boy Scout Troop.  Both are OK.

Here is the schedule leading up to Bridging:

Timeline for AoL Ceremony, Bridging, and customizing your arrows for your AoL award
  • January-February: Stress the importance of visiting Boy Scout Troops. Scouts need to pick their Troop by early March.
  • February Pack Show - Need a list of scouts that will be achieving AoL rank so we can order the plaques. We need the spelling of names as you wish them to be displayed on your AoL award plaques.
  • mid/late-March - Allocate 1 den meeting to customize your arrows.  Return arrows to Advancement Chair.
  • early-March - Cubmaster needs a list of Scouts from your dens and Troops they are bridging to, if they are going onto Boy Scouts. This so we can invite Scoutmasters and SPLs to the ceremony
  • March Pack Show - Arrow of Light Rank Ceremony and Bridging to Boy Scouts Ceremony