Blue and Gold Banquet

When: Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 at 5:32pm

(note early 5:32 PM start time!)

This year's theme is.......... World Cultures!

This is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the diversity in our pack and what makes each one of us special!

Where: American Legion Hall (map958 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, Ca. 95050

The Blue and Gold Banquet is held each year in February to celebrate the anniversary of Cub Scouting.

Unlike a normal Pack Show, we will be eating dinner at this event. The Blue and Gold will be a Pot Luck Dinner. The Pack will be providing drinks and cake for everyone and pizza for scouts and siblings. Other main courses, salads, and sides are brought by the families.


Each family should bring:
  1. A dish to share that has at least 10 servings (preferably a culinary dish from your family heritage or a culture of interest). Please be sure to label your dishes and serving utensils.  (Pack 32 is already providing pizza and cake.)
  2. Mess kits with utensils, plates, and cups (just like for camp). Remember that we have about 70 active cub scouts and expect about 200 family members and guests. This would be a lot of paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils. After dinner you will be able to scrape and wipe the dining ware to take home for a final washing.  This will eliminate quite a bit of trash.
  3. Show and tell item an object that reflects a certain culture of your choosing - scouts will share out loud or can write a small letter on their object to be read to the pack.
Each den:
  1. should contribute to the Banquet program according to your duties. Remember the Theme!

If you are not dressing up in a costume, Scouts and Leaders should come in their best full uniform.  Wear as many awards, ribbons, and Cub Scouting "bling" that you've got.  If you don't have a uniform, please wear something nice and ideally blue and gold in color.  Parents should wear their Parent's ribbons.

Important note about costumes:  Scout and Leaders are encouraged to accent their Cub Scout Uniforms to match the theme, but the majority of the uniform should be visible.  Scouts should not wear masks or bring guns/weapons.


5:32 - Setup
5:45 - Start arriving / Greeting
6:00 - Opening flags
6:05 - Opening Skit
6:10 - Dinner
6:40 - Program (To be determined, please contact Cubmaster ( with your den's content
7:32 - Closing flags
after - cleanup

Wolves are responsible for the Blue and Gold Banquet.  Here is how to plan for it:


attend January, February, and March committee meetings
determine theme and get approved by committee in January
buy pizza - 5 cheese  + 5 pepperoni (Little Cesars or similar)
buy cupcakes or cake.  If cake, buy 2 sheet cakes (1 white + 1 chocolate) - blue & gold frosting
decorations for table and hall
service coordinators / police - adult to control portions at food table.
clean up
invite visitors
buy annual B&G patch for each scout
submit expanses for reimbursement

Past Pack 32 Blue & Gold Themes:
World Cultures (2019)
Video Games (2018)
Magic (2017)
US Presidents (2016)
Blue & Gold & Green