Art and Wine Festival

Baked Potato and Nachos Booth

Pack 32 hosts a Baked Potato Food Booth at Santa Clara's Art and Wine Festival each September.  This is a fun event for the entire family.

Friday, September 14th
  • Booth Setup - 4-6pm - Santa Clara's Central Park, behind Community Recreation Center
  • Potato and Vegetable Preparation - 6-9pm - American Legion Hall
Signup Link:
Baked Potato Booth Sales
  • Saturday, September, 15th - 10AM - 6PM
  • Sunday, September 16th - 10AM - 5PM
What to wear:
  • Scout Uniform
    • note: do not wear Scout Neckerchief as it will hang into the food
  • Scout Hat
  • Close-toed-shoes (no sandals or flipflops)
Close parking can be hard to find during the Art & Wine Festival.  Allow plenty of time to find parking and walk to our booth.  A good idea is to ride your bicycle and leave it at one of the free bike watches.  The free bike watch near the Pavilion is hosted by Boy Scout Troop 14 and has many Pack 32 Alumni.

Pack 32's Booth is in the Kids Kingdom Food Court - on Basketball Courts behind Community Recreation Center on Kiely Blvd.
The booth is located near the kid's zone - on the basketball courts behind the Community Recreation Center. This how our booth looks to customers:

The booth is primarily run by 3 or 4 scouts with parent supervision. Scouts will:
  • Advertise our booth (walk around with loaded baked potatoes and direct customers to our booth) 
  • Take orders (1 scout)
  • Count money and give change (usually same scout that takes orders)
  • Learn food safety
  • Prepare food (2 scouts on an assembly line) and serve drinks (1 scout)
  • Complete orders (scouts call out customer name as order is ready and make sure they have toppings, napkins, utensils, etc.)

In recent years, we have added loaded nachos to our great menu.

Note that the Baked potato is one of the few vegetarian options are the Art and Wine Festival.

Link to Santa Clara Art & Wine Pages

The boys work in approx. 2 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday but we need PARENTS to help make this event go.
    • Organize and coordinate the event (months ahead of time) - 1 parent
    • Setup the booth on Friday afternoon - 4-5 parents
    • Prepare potatoes and toppings on Friday afternoon/evening - 6-8 parents
    • Deliver potatoes to booth on Saturday/Sunday - 4 parents (one deliver each)
    • Booth tear down and storage on Sunday after closing - 4-5 parents 

<notes below this point>

  • How to schedule and plan for this event
    • who will organize this? (den, rank, cubmaster, etc)
    • who to talk to (Cubmaster, Committee, District/Council people)
    • when to start planning (need to reserve Central Park Arbor 4months before at 8AM sharp!)
    • equipment needed for setup (canopy, banner, etc)
    • food/snacks/cookingg
    • etc

  • Notes and feedback for future running of this event.
    • what went well
    • what could be better
    • other ideas for future

  • Historical attendance for this event
    • dates
    • location
    • leaders names
    • #scouts
    • #adults
    • #siblings
    • #total
    • cost to attend (per person)
    • event cost/budget (to put on the event)
    • key memory (the place with the bees, the telescopes, etc)
 date location
 organizer #scouts #adults #siblings #total cost to attend
 event cost/budget
 key memory
 1/1/14 Central Park
 $100 awesome telescopes for star viewing
 1/1/15 Oakland Zoo
 Joe 33 6 8 47 $10 $100 the camp with the bees
 1/1/16 North Pole
 Bob 34 7 9 50 free $1M underwater basket weaving!