The Scouts of Pack 32, We Do Fun Stuff!
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Pack 32 Events and Activities

2/10 - Committee Meeting

2/13 - Den Meetings

2/20 - Den Meetings

3/3 - Committee Meeting

3/13 - Den Meetings

3/20 - Den Meetings

3/27 - Pack Show

3/30 - Cub Scout Shoot-Out

Enjoy Popcorn year round and help local scouting programs.  When you place an order at and choose to support "Scout ID 13783342" (Pack32); 70% of the sale price of all products will fund scouting programs here in Santa Clara County and our Pack.

Prospective Cub Scouts

Please feel free to review this site to get an idea of the kind of scouting activities you and your child will be able to take part of as a member of Pack 32.  See our Prospective Scouts page for more information.

Pack 32 Program

 Position  Name (click to email)
 Cubmaster Ron Friedline
 Assistant Cubmaster

Geoffrey Fong, Dan Strellis

 Arrow of Light Den 1 Leaders (5th Grade)Richard Niemann, Jannelle Jones, Dan Strellis
 Arrow of Light Den 4 Leaders (5th Grade)Karen Cornwell, Raul Flores, Toby McPheeters
 Webelos Den 3 Leader
(4th grade)
Daniel Carlson
 Bear Den 10 Leaders (3rd Grade)Kim Ramirez, Geoffrey Fong
 Bear Den 7 Leaders (3rd grade)Cynthia Vandeneynde, MarioTonel
 Bear Den 9 Leaders (3rd grade)     Jesse Hall, Dinesh Gomes, Anne Chatterjee
 Wolf Den 6 Leader 
(2nd Grade)
Rob Reckis
Tiger Den 8 Leader 
(1st Grade)
Dinesh Gomes, Kristin Jantzen
 Tiger Den 2 Leaders
(1st Grade)
 Kristin Jantzen, Linda Tonel
 Lions  (Kindergarden)
 Nathan Tilbury

Meet the Cubmaster

Hello, I’m Ron Friedline.  This is my first year as Cubmaster of Pack 32.

Scouting is filled with fun adventures that include camping, pinewood derby, the baked potato booth, the Blue and Gold banquet, popcorn sales and so much more. For the past two years, I have enjoyed scouting with my son, as Den leader. I have learned what scouting is all about and I am looking forward to the new adventure as Cubmaster.

Scouting helps build lifelong skills, teaches the value of teamwork and cultivates an active lifestyle. One of the fundamental elements of Pack 32 is a strong community. The parent and volunteer involvement is an essential part of our pack. Without volunteers, our pack would not be the same. My sincerest appreciation for all that you do to make our pack go. Our pack is strong and ready to grow with the new girl dens.

I am here to support families in their very own scouting adventures. If you have any questions, you can email me at Our future is bright here in Pack 32. Join us and be a part of the fun!