Volunteers 2015-2016

The quality of our program counts on volunteers caring enough to help make everything work.

  • Committee Chair
  • Volunteer Chair
  • Secretary
  • Service Chair
SIGN-UP: Pick a position and email us: info@pack135.org

 Position  Volunteer
Cubmaster  Tom Hoth
The primary pack leader. Motivate, remind, guide all Chairs.
   Asst. Cubmaster  Kirt Holder
Assist the Cubmaster with all duties and liaison for the Tigers.
Participate in committee, take minutes.
      Website admin  Ken Lewis Maintain pack135.org website.
      Calendar admin  
Keep ScoutTrack calendar updated with all pack events.
      Newsletter editor  
Author the monthly newsletters.
      Webelos Liaison  
Communicate Boy Scout events to Webelos.
      MPE Liaison   Lead communication between the Pack and MPE.
Camping Chair  Chris Covington
Motivate and guide each camping trip coordinator, report to committee.
    Cub-O-Ree Coord  
Reserve site, plan camping related portion only. (Oct)
        Food  Craig Baltes
Coordinate food for this campout.
    Fall Chill Out Coord  
Plan second campout of year (Chill-Out), reserve site, announcements, coordinate. (Nov)
        Food Craig Baltes Plan food for this campout.
Plan and coordinate activities for this campout.
    Big Outing Coord
Plan the Big Outing activities and arrange accommodations.
    Spring Chill Out Coord  
Chill-Out campout. plan camping related portion only. (Apr)
        Food  Craig Baltes Plan food for this campout.
        Activities   Plan and coordinate activities for this campout.
    Quartermaster  Craig Baltes
Inventory camp equipment, maintain trailer, supply closet.
        Trailer Primary  Kirt Holder
Primary trailer hauler
        Trailer Backup  
Alternate trailer hauler
Event Chair
Solicit, remind, and motivate event chairs.
Back to school kick and recruiting, bowling party. (Sep)
    Youth Day Parade  
Organize volunteers for Youth Day Parade. (Oct)
    CUMC Fall Festival

Organize and promote attendance and recruiting at CUMC Fall Festival. (Oct).
    Popcorn Chair  Kelly Watton
Organize spreadsheets, order product
        Popcorn Logistics  Kelly Watton
Pickup, handle, distribute inventory.
    Scouting For Food Chair   Organize den reps for Scouting for Food drive. (Nov-Mar)
    FOS Chair  
Promote Friends of Scouting drive, collect money, attending training dinner. (Jan-Feb)
    Pinewood Derby Chair
Coordinate and motivate volunteers to produce PWD. (Jan)
        PWD Timer  
Learn, program, and operate the race timing and reporting software.
        PWD Pit Crew  
Run the pit crew, organizing and loading cars on track.
        PWD Check-In   Run the check-in table, weigh and approve cars.
        PWD Food Coordinator
Organize food for Pine Wood Derby
    Blue and Gold Chair
  Organize volunteers to produce BnG event. (Feb)
        Food Chair  
Organize food for BnG.
Plan entertainment
    Crossover Chair  
Organize volunteers for Webelos II Crossover. (Mar)
    Graduation Chair  Web-I Dens Organize volunteers for Pack graduation, reserve campsite. (May)
        Graduation Food
Organize food for graduation
        Cub-O-Matic  Web-I Dens build and perform cub-o-matic at graduation.
    CUMC July 4th
Organize and promote pack attendance at CUMC 4th of July Festival.
    Pool Party
Summer pool party (Jul)
    T-Shirt Coordinator   Order and distribute Pack t-shirts
Service Projects Chair   Organize and motivate each service event chair.
    CUMC Planting   Organize and lead annual CUMC flower planting day. (Apr)
    MPES Stream Testing  Chris Covington  Organize, promote, and lead several stream water testing outings during year.
    MPES Grounds Maint   Organize, promote, and lead ground maintenance project at school twice per year.
    Pumpkin Unloading  
Organize, promote, and lead pumpkin unloading, 2 afternoons (Oct)
Committee Chair  Kitty Singleton
Organizes all committees and paper work.
    Asst. Committee Chair   Assist the Committee Chair, in-training for future Committee Chair.
    Membership Chair  
Open House at MPE. Recruit Night, applications, Re-registration.
    Volunteer Chair  
Parent Talent Survey. Track Den Reps. Solicit Help.
    Advancement Chair  Rick WellsCoordinate advancement activities.
        Award Pickup  Rick Wells
Purchase awards monthly from Scout Shop.
Pack Trainer
Disseminate Training opportunities and document adult training.
   Den Parental Involvement Chair (DPIC)   Communicate with the Den Leaders and discuss current levels of parental involvement and offer suggestions and ideas to increase involvement if necessary.
   Den Coach  
Give ideas and direction to den leaders.
Treasurer  Chris Boers
Handles pack finances and payables.
   Asst. Treasurer   Assist the treasurer, in-training for future Pack Treasurer.
   RSVP Chair   Collect event money and create event rosters.