Course Overview

ANTH/SOCWK 268/368 ~ Short Term Travel to Trinidad  and Tobago

Welcome! This webpage will provide information and resources necessary to participate in the short term travel course.

This course is comprised of several goals with the foremost being providing an international experience for students interested in anthropology, social work, politics, the arts, environmental issues, or other similar topic of research. 

Trinidad is a small, easily negotiated island where access to key people, organizations, and governmental institutions is much more open than many other places in the world. Students of this course will have a rare opportunity to engage with people and thus social/cultural processes not so easily accessed in our more bureaucratically complex system.  

The history of European imperialism coupled with extreme ethnic and religious pluralism lend Trinidad’s social environment well to the kinds of issues and processes explored by anthropologists, social workers, and other social sciences such as, power differentials and individual agency, class inequality, ethnic and religious conflict and cooperation, and structural inequalities of gender, race, and class, to name a few. 

During the Fall term, students will develop specified learning goals they wish to research. Then, during Winter II, students will travel to Trinidad for two weeks to accomplish those goals.
Flag of Trinidad & Tobago