New Website Sneak Peek

posted Apr 7, 2014, 9:44 AM by Benjamin Griffin   [ updated Apr 16, 2014, 3:40 PM ]
We are launching a new website this year and we're excited to share the work-in-progress with you. So, here is a a sneak peek via a few screen shots from the website, which we are currently building!

A couple of things to keep in mind while viewing.
  • There is lots more work to do, so you are seeing work-in-progress
  • There is lots of placeholder content in place, which will be updated prior to launch, this includes images and messaging
  • Not all menus are finalized (i.e. the quick links menu you see in these screen shots)
  • Many sections are partially complete, as content is currently being migrated by content type

To see a larger view of the screen shots below, click on them to check them out. 

New Home Page
With a focus on future undergraduate, graduate and professional
students are home page also provides easy access for current students,
faculty and staff to the content they are looking for.

Areas of Study
You can see Areas of Study below, which lists majors, minors
and pre-professional preparation in alphabetical order, by College 
and by Area. If you were on the website, you would be able to click
any of the areas to see the majors and minors.

Areas of Study with Arts Expanded
And, here is what it looks like within one Area of Study.

Here's an example of what a prospective student will see
when viewing a major, minor or degree.

Group Faculty Pages
Here's an example of what a prospective student will see when viewing
a program's faculty tab. Please note, the layout is not finalized.

Individual Faculty Pages
Here's an example of an individual faculty page. Every 
faculty member has a page like the one you see here.
Please note, the layout is not finalized and is still in
development mode.

Another Program View
Another example, this one of Comparative Religion. Check 
out the faculty tab as well. If you were on the site, this would
provide a faculty group page as well as individual faculty pages.

Future Graduate and Professional Students
Our future graduate students will see a view similar to 
the one below that we are working on now. Please note, quick 
links are in process.