Faculty & Staff Page Hierarchy

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In addition to developing an externally focused website, we are also identifying how to provide an Intranet resource for our faculty & staff. 

Our Pacific University Intranet
The Intranet that we envision would be easily accessible from the home page of our website, and could be bookmarked so that the point of entry would be the Intranet home page. To enter the Intranet home page, users would authenticate through our single sign on. Upon entry, users would arrive at a dynamic home page geared to our faculty & staff that would include news feeds specific to the internal Pacific community.

Some, but not all content, would only reside on our Intranet. Some, but not all content, would be available on our externally facing website as well as searchable within the Intranet. Groups of pages might be organized differently for an external audience and an internal audience. And, in some areas, information might be available to an internal audience at a greater level of detail, and an overview for public consumption might be found on our externally facing website. This could be accomplished in variety of ways with public and private content. In addition, content such as minutes or other internal documentation could reside on Vault, but might also be accessible via our Intranet. 
Faculty & Staff Top Tier Navigation
The Page Hierarchy is a technical document that takes a comprehensive look at how every page will look within the navigational structure of the Intranet. We're currently seeking some additional feedback on the Intranet.

Document Details 
To read the document it helps to break it out by column as shown below. 
  • Column A – This column lists the top-level, horizontal taxonomy for the section (e.g. Tools, Governance & Policies, etc.)
  • Column B – These are the pages that appear within the drop-down menu for each top-level section (e.g. Hovering over 'Tools' will reveal 'MyAccount', 'Web Mail', etc.)
  • Column C – These are detail pages the exist at lower levels (e.g. This area needs to be built out)
  • Column D – Indicates the purpose of the page
  • Column E – Indicates the relevant call-to-action on each page
  • Column F – Indicates if the page already exists or is brand new
  • Column G – Notes and additional details about each page
Additional Feedback
We are currently inviting your feedback on the Intranet and the Faculty & Staff webpage hierarchy that has been proposed. Please provide your input by 6/21/13. To note, we will move forward with next steps on 6/24/13. Questions, concerns and input can be communicated to Tammy Spencer or Ben Griffin (contact information in the right sidebar). For best viewing, please choose the red down arrow on the right side of the page to download the document. We're specifically looking for feedback on anything you feel may be missing or out of place within the structure. 

Additional Steps
Thank you for feedback provided. During the month of June the faculty & staff Intranet document was shared and discussed with a small group of stakeholders and then sent out to leadership via email and to the Pacific campus via PUNN. The updated structure can be found on this page and is dated 6/21.
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