"Students for culinary independence!"

Welcome to the 'Cooking at College' homepage and website. We are a group of civic engagement students at Pacific University who seek to bring other students choice, independence and convenience within their culinary lives and overall dietary consumption.

What is the problem that your group is addressing?:
  • Many students at university do not cook for themselves. Also, some students, over time, become disinterested in the food offered by the school. Therefore, many students who are compelled to cook for themselves simply cannot due to either a lack of materials (pots, pans, blenders, etc) or lack of cooking skills. Our project exists to help change this discrepancy. 
How do you intend to address this issue?:
  • Our projects is composed of two main components. The first being the introduction of several seminars and cooking events to help educate other students on basic food recipes and rudimentary kitchen knowledge. The second component of our project is the introduction of a kitchen appliance borrowing system, within the residence halls, that would help students actually cook in the community kitchen areas. We plan to gain these kitchen appliances and materials through an on-campus donation event in which people could donate functioning appliances and materials. 
What do you hope to achieve with your project?:
  • The long-term results we seek to accomplish in this project is to provide students with materials to make use of their kitchens and to provide students with the skills to cook for themselves when they leave college. The key difference that our project will have on the student community is giving students skills and experience for independent living.
What are some ethical values and issues addressed in your project?:
  • Our efforts emphasizes the ethical value of self-reliance. That is, learning how to cook for yourself is a part of being self sustaining and helps to develop a transition towards full independence both during and after college (or perhaps into graduate school). Another ethical value demonstrated within our project is charity; the use of a donation drive to help sustain the borrowing system shows the importance of charity and its utility towards the local community. Also, a form of intellectual charity occurs in the cooking events in which students with cooking knowledge freely share their skills with students who lack such information.
Look for upcoming cooking demonstrations this fall 2013 in Pacific University dorms, as well as recipes, and information on learning to cook.

If you would like to get involved in cooking demonstrations, donate pans, or otherwise help, you may contact me, Ian, at the following email address: iannicolas@pacificu.edu.

See the FAQ for further information.