Riddles: Try these out loud and chuckle with your friends!

How to:  Riddle me this...riddle me that! Read the header and then the text to find the answer.  These fun riddles will help you learn about our world's continents.

Vacation Destination

Tourists travel hours to see
the famous art in Italy.
Tourists often are quite smitten
with the castles in Great Britain.
Tourists come by car and plane
to visit Norway, France, and Spain.
Tourists come by ship and train
to visit Greece and see Ukraine.
Tourists by the bunch vacation
at this old world destination.

Which continent is this?


Size: Big

I have the biggest country.
I have the Dead-est Sea.
Three-fifths of the Earth's people
live on top of me.
I touch three of the oceans,
but my true claim to fame
is I'm the biggest continent.
Do you know my name?



At the South Pole

At the bottom of the world
lies the chilly South Pole,
in the middle of a land
penguin colonies patrol.
The stratosphere above it
has an ozone hole,
which atmospheric scientists
are trying to control.

Which continent is this?


You'll Spot a Lot of Lions

I've got a lot of desert,
so I've got a lot of sand.
I've got a lot of countries,
and I've got a lot of land.
I've got a lot of pyramids;
a lot of jungles, too.
I've got a lot of lions,
and they aren't kept in a zoo!

Which continent is this?

Top to Bottom

Greenland and Canada
are the farthest north I go.
My middle is the U.S.A.
And next comes Mexico.
Smaller countries dot the land
that stretches out below.
Then I touch South America
with my tippy toe.

Which continent is this?
North America


Old and New

The Incas built an empire here,
but it's been gone 500 years.
Sir Frances Drake once sailed his ship
around Cape Horn at my south tip.
The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
grew long ago and grows here still.

Which continent is this?
South America


G'day Mate

Toss another shrimp
on the barbie-cue!
Hop to the outback
like a kangaroo.
It's south of the equator,
so is it any wonder
this continent's called
the "land down under"?

Which continent is this?

Holub, J. (2004). Geogra-fleas! riddles all over the map. Morton Grove, IL: Albert Whitman & Company.