Continent Fun Facts

Continental Tongue Twister:
Hey Kids!  The sentence below is a mnemonic device called an acrostic.  The first letter of each word corresponds with the first letter of a continent!
If you learn this saying, it will help you remember all the continents. 

                         (E)rin        (A)te        (N)ine        (S)ticky        (A)pricots        (A)t        (A)prils
                 u               s              o                o                   f                    
    u            n
r                i               r                u                    r                        s            t
                 o               a              t                 t                    i                         t            a
p                               h                h                   c                        r            r
e                                                                      a                        a            c
A                A                                            l            t
m               m                                           i             i
                                                    e                e                                           a           
                                                    r                 r                                                          a
                                                    i                 i                           
                                                    c                c
                                                    a                a

2nd smallest continent.
Has the world's largest country; Russia, and the world's smallest country; Vatican.
 Includes 50 countries.

Largest continent in both land mass and population.
More than 3.2 billion people live there.
 Includes 55 countries.
The Great Wall of China is there.

The greatest elevation on earth is at the top of Mt. Everest - 29,035 feet above sea level.

North America
 3rd largest continent.
  Includes 40 countries.
Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world.
Has the 3rd largest river in the world, the Mississippi, and the the shortest river. - The Roe in Montana, U.S.A. 

South America
4th largest continent.
All 14 countries speak Spanish, except for Brazil which speaks Portuguese.
 Santudel Angel is the highest waterfall in the world at 1,000m.
The Andes mountain range on the west coast is the longest in the world.
∞ Lake Titicaca in Peru has the highest elevation on earth.

2nd largest continent.
 Includes 54 countries.
The Nile River in Egypt is the longest in the world.
Many children don't go to school.
Home to four the five fastest land animals; which are the cheetah, wildebeest, lion and gazelle.

Smallest continent in the world and is unified as one country.
Home to 18.3 million people, which is equivalent to the population of New York State.
Contains 6 states and 2 territories.
The native people were called Aborigines.
The country speaks English.

5th largest continent.
Is 98% covered in ice.
Has a population of 0 (only visitors come to see it).
Is the windiest and coldest place on earth.