2011-2012 season

Our swim season is over! The Pacer Swim Team has completed a great season of training and competition. The team recently competed in the city championships on February 26th. We are proud of all the swimmers!! 

The following students were able to place in the top 20 in their events. This is an excellent accomplishment since there were often up to 50 swimmers in each event, many of whom were involved in competitive swimming four or five times a week. Those doing well at the championship meet are ‘best in the city’. 

Congratulations to all of the following swimmers on their awesome achievement!
  • Elli Stocks 1st in freestyle, 6th in breaststroke, 8th in butterfly 
  • Minah Park 3rd in backstroke 
  • Alison Dyck 9th in backstroke 
  • Nicholas Godoy 3rd in breaststroke, 10th in freestyle 
  • Saleen Burnett 12th in backstroke, 16th in freestyle
  • Mackenzie Poland 14th in backstroke
  • Nicholas Olsen 15th in backstroke 
  • Ella Lane-Sangha 13th in backstroke, 19th in butterfly 
  • Olivia Dillion 18th in breaststroke 
  • Joel Runkel 12th in breaststroke
  • Aidan Hodson 20th in breaststroke, 20th in butterfly 
  • David Olsen 10th in breaststroke

Relay teams placing in the top 5 in the city were:

Mixed 10 & under freestyle – 3rd place: David Olsen, Hope Fullaway, Marabel Horne, Minah Park

Girls 10 & under medley relay – 4th place: Saleen Burnett, Minah Park, Elli Stocks, Ella Lane-Sangha

Boys 12 & under freestyle – 5th place: Joel Runkel, Nicholas Olsen, Brayden Carr, Aidan Hodson