What is a PSA? What is our assignment?

PSA is short for Public Service Announcement. They are commercials aimed at educating the general public about issues of concern. 

Your assignment is to work with a partner or group to create a PSA about an issue that affects students your age or your community or the world. You want to take a stand on this issue, and present that stand in a way the both informs and inspires others. 

You will look at examples of other PSA's, plan your PSA, sketch out your storyboard, film it, gather fair use resources to enhance it like background music, and edit it. When everyone you are working with feels your project is complete you will evaluate your work according to the rubric. 

Quarter One Tech Class PSA's:

Here are some sites to view examples of PSA's. Please watch at least four.
Ad Council
School Tube - Search for PSA or Public Service Announcements
Samples by Style

Many ideas, documents, and links were borrowed from What is a PSA, Let me Learn site by the Joseph H Wade Junior High School My gratitude goes to them and if you are another educator using this site please also credit them.