This course has been specifically designed to introduce women who having minimal exposure to firearms, to the basic handling skills and practical experience with various firearms of all types. Each student will be taught the safe and proper loading and unloading techniques for several different types of firearms. Graduates of this course will also receive the complete course materials and certificate for the Refuse To Be A Victim® and the NRA Home Firearm Safety Courses.

LESSON ONE (2 1/2 hr) - Classroom

Refuse To Be A Victim® training, including:
  • Home Security
  • Personal Security
  • Automobile Security
  • Workplace Security
  • Technological Security
LESSON TWO (30 min) - Classroom

An open discussion on some of the special concerns related to women using firearms:
  • Cause of gun accidents
  • Basic elements of firearm safety
  • Rules for using or storing guns
  • Teaching firearm safety to children 
LESSON THREE (60 min) - Classroom
  • Identify different types of handguns and their parts
  • Unload various types of handguns
  • Identifying and handling different types of rifles and their parts
  • Identifying and handling different types of shotguns and their parts
LESSON FOUR (60 min) - Classroom
  • Types of rifle, handgun cartridges, and shotgun shells
  • Ammunition firing sequence
  • Firearms cleaning and storage
LESSON FIVE (60 min) – Range

Observe firing demonstrations of various firearms, including:
  • Revolvers: double-action and DAO
  • Semi-automatic pistols: Single/Double-action; DAO
  • Shotgun: Pump and semi-automatic
  • Small-bore rifles
  • Pistol caliber carbine rifles
  • Medium-powered rifles
  • High-powered rifles
  • Loading pistols, rifles, shotguns
LESSON SIX (2 hr) - Range

Illustration of different target types, uses and advantages.

Each member of the class is given the opportunity to load and shooting any of the firearms that were demonstrated in Lesson 4, including at least one of each of the basic categories:
  • Handgun
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
Class graduation and issuing of special certificates
TOTAL: 8-Hour Classroom & Range
COST: $150.00
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