The TASER Electronic Control Device Training Class is an 6 hour training class. This class includes two training cartridges used during class. When deadly force may not be necessary, it simply makes sense to have an option between physical strength and a bullet. TASER guns emit electrical charges that only temporarily incapacitate individuals. If a suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or in emotional distress, the TASER will subdue him or her successfully without causing permanent injury to the suspect, or to the officer. 

ASLET's TASER Course is open to any Law Enforcement, Security Officer, Constable, or Bail Enforcement Agents,

Students will learn about the “force continuum” where they will understand the appropriate levels of force that is legal to use when suspected intruders or violent subject forces you to act. 

You will also receive information on the following devices; M26, X26, X26C, C3, and the new C-2 Taser.

        Course Covers:
    • Use of Force
    • Limitations
    • Proper Deployment
    • Operation
    • Firing
    • Changing Cartridges
    • Probe Removal
    • Maintenance
    • Legal & Moral Aspect
    • Live Firing Drills 
    • Situational Exercises
        Course Includes:
    • Hardback Manual
    • Training Cartridges
    • Safety Equipment
    • Use of Taser / Holster During Training
    • User Certificate from Taser International