Downed Officer Survival / Law Enforcement Street Survival and Tactical Medicine

This training will benefit any armed officer who may be faced with active shooter, gun shots, stabbings, accidents, and other related trauma victims.

     Focus of this training is on recognition of life threatening injuries with appropriate medical treatment in a tactical environment.

This training will show you the actions that you can take to save a life – yours, your partners, and any other injured party before EMS can get to or enter a scene.

Train Law Enforcement personnel critical lifesaving skills to provide self-aid or buddy care until trained medical personnel can arrive.

This is not a certification as a tactical medic, paramedic, or swat provider, it is a basic level tactical medicine for any armed officer, certification will be issued for course. 

What will this course consist of ?          

Street Care                                  

-Patient Assessment                  

-Controlling Bleeding                        

-Basic Airway Management  

-Extraction and Evacuation             

What skills will I learn ?  

Focused Skills 

 - Tourniquet application

- Airway Management

- Rapid Trauma Assessment


- Care of Sucking Chest Wounds 

- Combat Dressings 

- Drags and Carries