Women’s Self Defense and Escape Training
Why should I attend this course?

This course has been specifically designed to prepare you for when violence occurs. Learning effective and realistic strategies geared specifically for women to use when presented with danger are key reasons to take this course. This course will not only provide you with defensive tactics, but more importantly with knowledge about precursors to typical attacks and how to avoid violent encounters. Equipping yourself with this knowledge and being prepared with effective techniques will enable you to be more confident in possible dangerous situations. While this course will provide you with defensive techniques to use in escaping a violent encounter, our desire is to provide you with proper tactics to avoid one. ASLET’s system teaches women an effective and efficient way of escaping that does not rely on size and strength. Every woman can benefit from this program.

What should I expect to learn?

Women’s self defense is not all physical. You will be taught the mental aspects of survival to enhance their survivability in combative situations. You will also learn how to predict and avoid pending aggression by becoming aware of specific threat cues and how to read potentially aggressive body language. This course focuses on the three “Principles of Avoidance” including knowing your limitations, controlling the environment, and controlling your fear. ASLET’s goal for this course is to teach you how to control your environment and if needed, control your attacker.

What specific strategies will be covered in this course?

How to manage a passive assault:

A passive assault is an unwanted behavior or attention that typically leads to a more aggressive assault if not managed quickly and correctly. We will analyze the three most common forms of passive assaults including passive intimidation, flirtatious contact, and wrist grabbing and provide effective techniques to quickly allow you to gain control and manage all three.

How to manage an attempted choking:

Practice with defensive counterstrikes and target seeking drills will help you gain experience with simple and effective techniques used to manage an attempted choking. These techniques are simple and effective and designed to temporarily stun or disable the attacker for 30 seconds or more, allowing you time to escape.

How to manage an assault with a weapon:

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to disarm an aggressor with a weapon if/when all other tactics and survival strategies have failed.

What should I bring with me to this course?

It is strongly recommended for you to wear gym/comfortable clothing to this course. You will need to follow the link below to preregister and pay for this course. The cost of the course is $50.00 and can be paid using either a credit card or check.

3-4 Hour Course
COST: $50.00
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