The owner and director of ASLET is Garret K. Kimmell. Garrett has 20 years of combined public safety, security, and law enforcement experience. He has been instructing law enforcement and security officers for the past 15 years. Garrett’s past work experience also includes working as a private police officer, personal protection specialist, constable, and security officer. Although Garrett has taught for several schools in the Pittsburgh Area, his passion for security and law enforcement training and desire to enhance the training being provided to officers led to the fruition of Advanced Security and Law Enforcement, LLC (ASLET).  He is one of the few school owners who has actually worked in the security field as both an officer and manager, and therefore possesses a true understanding of what it is like to be on the front lines of security. Garrett’s deep passion and commitment to meaningful and applicable training is demonstrated through the engaging and effective instruction provided at ASLET. His passion for preparedness is succinctly stated in ASLET’s motto of “Train or Die”. The goal of Garrett and ASLET is to instill this important philosophy of training in each student who attends the 40 hour course. You can contact him at